Recording Studios Sydney LA2A DIY build

Recording Studios Sydney DIY LA2A

We are currently building a series of LA2A compressors in our studio. The LA2A is one of the most revered compressors in the history of music making and the ones that we are building will be exact replicas of the original 1968 units.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with the LA2A, here’s a Youtube video with one in action. Please note, this is not our unit.

Challenges of the Recording Studio Sydney LA2A DIY build

Throughout the process of our Recording studios Sydney DIY LA2A build there have been a number of challenges. Firstly, sourcing the components has undoubtedly been the most difficult task so far. because the LA2A is so old, many of the components, like transformers, are extremely difficult to find. When they are found, in the depths of the internet, they’re usually very expensive. Also, the creation of the chassis was beyond our recording studios Sydney capability. We needed to employ the skills of a professional engineer from Germany to model the chassis the exact replica of the 1968 teletronix chassis. Once modelled in Solid works they could then have it laser cut and silkscreened in Germany. Finally, the biggest challenge of all has been attaining all the correct workshop equipment to allow our Recording Studios Sydney LA2A group build to construct the units.

Surprises of the Recording Studio Sydney LA2A DIY build

Surprisingly, some of the most tasks in the process that were “supposed” to be easy have turned out to be a little tricky. Firstly, making sure that the components fit the chassis. Some of them have not and we have needed to look at making the correct adjustments to the chassis to ensure that they will fit properly. Understanding the correct wiring of electrical components, like capacitors, and how to safety operate with capacitors. And much more.
Recording Studios Sydney component example of an XLR connector.
We will be writing a series of entries documenting the Recording Studios Sydney LA2A build here at Crash Symphony Productions. We will share some of the challenges and victories through the process of creating this beautiful music-making beast!