3 Reasons to Trust Independent Recording Studios

If you are an emerging artist looking to capture some of your songs for a demo or debut EP, chances are you may be a bit confused about where to begin when it comes to choosing recording studios. While it is possible to spend a huge amount of money on getting into major recording studios, that approach does not always mean that you will be left with the best product in the end. Although this can be an overwhelming realisation, it can also be an empowering one, as independent recording studios have a lot to offer to emerging artists in this day in age, and here’s why…

1. Recording Studios: Starting Small Can Mean A Longer Career

It’s no secret that being an artist can be incredibly difficult and hard to balance, but starting small can mean all the difference when it comes to your recording experience. Recording studios that are sponsored by major labels or are prestigious have the tendency to put a great deal of pressure on the outcome of the song rather than the experience of the artist. This is not to say that major recording studios don’t have their up-sides, but when you are beginning your career as a recording artist, having a good experience the first time can be what truly lets you continue to record great music for years to come.

2. Recording Studios: A Well Budgeted Recording Could Mean The World For Your Band

Despite the sudden surge in home-recording gear, if you are looking at different recording studios to visit, you will need to spend money. All recording studios are run by engineers and producers that need to eat and going independent can mean less mouths to feed. This means you, as an artist or band, are spending less of your hard-earned dollars on recording studios and are able to save for that tour you’ve been dreaming of.

3. Recording Studios: Intimate Relationships with Producers and Engineers Equal Great Music

Experiences in recording studios can be some of the most intense and scary times for artists. Putting yourself out there with the songs that you have written can be difficult in any case, add recording studios and there is always a possibility for insecurities to arise. So when it comes your time to step behind the mic, being in a small working environment can be the best thing for you. Being in recording studios that allow you to express your opinions about what is being laid down can be empowering and usually mean that great music will be made. Producers are given the space they need to shine and that will always reflect well on the recording that you take home.
So when the time comes for you to choose recording studios for you next project, there is not much that can rival the flexibility, intimacy and accessibility of independent recording studios.