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Sydney Recording Studio and Great Vocals


Every successful song that attracts positive attention and gets noticed by people requires good quality vocals. It is because of the vocals that a song seems interesting and different from others. Keep in mind that the human voice is a natural sound and spotting the imperfections can make the vocals more apparent. Are you finding it difficult to record great vocals? If so, then follow these 5 tips and tricks to help nail that perfect vocal take in a beautiful Sydney Recording Studio:

1.    Keep Calm – Come to a Sydney Recording studio and Get Comfortable

A singer who feels calm and comfortable is more likely to deliver a better performance as compared to one who feels nervous in a Sydney Recording Studio. Therefore, consider rehearsing and practicing before recording to raise your confidence levels and thus feel relaxed and calm. However, make sure there are no distractions in the recording studio, as it may seriously affect the quality of your vocals. Additionally, if there is something bothering you, make sure to discuss the issue and fix it instead of ignoring the situation.

2.    Quality Matters – A Good Vocals Microphone

As mentioned earlier, the quality of vocals is an imperative trait of a good song. And in order to deliver high quality vocals, you need to choose a good microphone for the Sydney Recording Studio session. Generally, there are two types of microphones: dynamic and condenser microphones. Determine which microphone best enhances your voice and make sure to practice repeatedly before the recording process. Don’t go for microphones offered by the studio itself and instead take the most suitable one with you.

3.    Technique – Microphone Vocals Skills

When it comes to delivering high quality vocals, singers must be aware of certain microphone techniques. Keep in mind the way the microphone is ‘attacked’ will determine the quality of the track. For starters, it is advised to learn how to put the microphone at a correct distance. Pull back when hitting high or loud notes. Remember being too far from the microphone will cause the sound to reflect or bounce from the walls or diminish the volume. Additionally, instead of holding the microphone for hours, have it mounted on a stand whenever possible.

4.    Pop It – Noise Protection Filter

For those of you who do not know, pop filter or a pop shield is an anti-pop noise protection filter which is used on microphones. It is a useful piece of equipment which, after being mounted correctly, eliminates pops and other disturbing sounds which are caused by singing into the microphone. Pops are generally difficult to fix when mixing or editing the songs. Therefore, whenever recording a song, make sure to use a pop shield.

5.    Practice, Perform, Repeat

Only a few singers have the capability of delivering exceptional performances on their first take. The rest will always notice a few imperfections in their songs. Therefore, instead of settling for something that sounds mediocre, in order to get the best recording results make sure to practice repeatedly until you feel you will not make any mistakes.
So, now that you are familiar with the above mentioned tips, recording high quality vocals in a professional recording studio won’t be a problem.