The 4 Best Voice Recording Plugins to Own in 2022

Best Voice Recording Plugins in 2022

The amount of DAW plugins available for mixing voice recordings in 2022 are endless, with all the sound engineering technology out there it has never been easier to recreate recording studio-quality voice recordings.

To make the mixing process even more fun, I have researched the 4 best voice recording plugins every audio engineer should own in 2022.

Waves Tune

Waves Tune is a pitch correction and vocal compressor plugin. It is used for very subtle edits to tune voice recordings to a music scale. If a singer is ever so slightly out of tune, a pitch corrector and a good audio engineer can transform the voice recordings of an average singer into a world-class singer.

Features of Waves Tune:

  • Manually move selections of the voice recording to corresponding notes on the keyboard.
  • “Glue” function to select entire phrases, great for editing voice-over narration.
  • Customizable speed, note transition and ratio between each note.

iZotope RX 9 Voice De-Noise

iZotope RX 9 is a powerful de-noiser plug-in specifically designed for voice recordings and voice-over narration. The iZotope RX 9 tackles problems of unwanted background noise such as street noise or mechanical hums you might hear in your voice recording. This de-noiser plugin is able to transform bedroom style recordings into recording studio-quality voice recordings.

Features of iZotope RX 9 Voice De-Noise:

  • Automatic scan of noise in the recording.
  • Detailed visuals of every sound wave in the selected track.
  • Extensive zoom options to surgically remove unwanted sounds.
  • Uses AI learning to locate and remove spatial noise in the room.

Fab Filter Pro Q 3

The Fab Filter Pro Q 3 is a detailed EQ plug in great for mixing your voice recordings as it displays the frequency response of the waveform while you mix. The highly flexible EQ bands and filters allow you to zoom in with surgical precision to find those unwanted frequencies in your voice recordings.

The dynamic EQ function allows smooth vocal compression that can transform the flattest voice-over into a dynamic cinema sounding voice production. The fab filter pro Q 3 is a must-have sound engineering plugin for any audio engineer looking to perfect their voice recording mixes.

Features of Fab Filter Pro Q 3:

  • Interactive EQ Display.
  • Up to 24 bands of EQ to be placed wherever you want over the frequency spectrum.
  • Dynamic EQ mode with analogue matching and external side-chain triggering.
  • Compatible with Surround Sound.

Waves Sibilance

Waves Sibilance is a de-esser which is used to minimise the harsh sounds made in voice recordings such as S, F, SH, C’s & X’s.

What Waves Sibilance does so well is that it uses a spectrum analyser. This will detect the sibilant sounds without compressing the overall voice recording.

This offers a unique natural sounding approach to your voice recordings which can produce fantastic results.

Features of Waves Sibilance:

  • Designed for vocals and voiceovers
  • Glitch free sibilance removal
  • Uses Waves organic re-synthesis technology
  • Simple threshold and sensitivity settings