Atomos Ninja Sydney Recording Studio

Sydney Recording studio Crash Symphony Productions has recently integrated a new Atomos Ninja Inferno in their arsenal of camera recording equipment. This significantly increase the studio’s capability for delivering high quality video to our music and corporate clientele. To learn more about why a Sydney Recording Studio is offering video to their music client, read on!

Why does a Sydney Recording studio offer video?

Well, the times are a changing, as the great Bob Dylan would say. Now, with Youtube being the second most used search engine on the internet, video is king. Every music client that comes out of our studio needs to have some kind of video once to couple with their music. It can be anything from a simple single shot, an in-studio reel of footage to go along with their track, or a complex music video. Whatever it is doesn’t matter as much as having something to put on Youtube does. For our Sydney Recording Studio our Sony A7s ii camera is the window to the world. A portal that allows us to communicate directly with million of people around the world. So Why would our Sydney Recording studio need an Atomos Ninja, too? Let’s learn more about what this device is and why is opens up so much possibility!

What is the Atomos Ninja Inferno?

The Atomos Ninja Inferno is a video monitor that couple with your digital camera and allow the camera to record continuously until the data capacity runs out. That can be a lot of footage because the hard drive sits inside the monitor and they can be a terabyte in size. The Ninja also allows us to have a better view of the subject that we are shooting. We can manage focus better and manage clips. It’s an incredible device that takes our video capability to a whole new level.
Offering video to our music and corporate clients has become a must-do for our Sydney Recording Studio. In a world where the video and music have become intimately connected, it’s no longer enough for a studio to turn a blind to video production. Once must have the ability to provide both options. Sydney Recording Studio, Crash Symphony Productions is proud to provide both services to musicians and businesses all over the country.