Recording studio

recording studio Our recording studio is available for bookings at any time of the day. Borbalá is our recording studio bookings manager. We can take emails and phone calls at any time. Our recording studio has perfect parking. There are always spots available right outside on Ben Boyd Rd, Neutral Bay. This is one of the few places left in North Sydney, a stone’s throw from the CBD, that doesn’t have any parking meters or tolls. There are no time limitations on parking outside the recording studio. Also, there is food available within 5 minutes walk of the recording studio in most directions. For clientele who are traveling by public transport there is the train station down at Milson’s Point and also at North Sydney train station. Both are equidistant on foot from the recording studio. For clients who are traveling by Bus, there is a bus stop right outside of the recording studio going both up Ben Boyd Rd and down. You’ll need to look out for the 263 to get you right outside the studio. Alternatively, if you want to get off the bus up in Neutral Bay Junction you can then easily walk down Ben Boyd rd to get to the studio. We are located just down road from the Premier St and Ben Boyd Rd corner. We are always enthusiastic to have potential clients come down and have a look at the recording studio before they book a session. This provides the client with some security that they are booking a quality space and also ensures that the recording studio is appropriate for the project that are working on. This is particularly relevant to clients who are looking to record larger ensembles or have band recordings. The tracking of these types of projects can be the most complex in the recording process. Using the recording studio space correctly is important.