Corporate Video Production and Crash Symphony

Crash Symphony Productions will deliver top-tier video communications and corporate video production for your company. Whether it’s product launch videos, internal communications videos, event videos, training videos, recruitment videos, case study videos, explainer videos or branded video content, Crash Symphony Productions can be trusted to create a product that will meet the demands of your brief and your deadline, with no sacrifice to the quality and an excellent result. We will maintain communication with you to make sure we’re on the right track, we are reliable and consistent and we offer a fast turnaround at a competitive rate.
So if you have corporate video production needs, get in touch with us and see what we can do for you to launch you in the direction of success and make your name seen and heard and associated with professionalism and quality.
We’re located in Sydney but have clients from all around the world.

Corporate Video Production and Associated Services

We have discovered that Corporate Video Production can encompass a myriad of different service. Let’s take a moment to look at what those service are. Live streaming is one area where we have noticed a significant increase in usage. Many of our clients interview people in our studio for podcasts. Podcasts can become video content that can be placed on the web by simply videoing the interview. Why not stream the interview as it happens?
This is a capability that our studio possesses. We also offer corporate video production and live streaming offsite. It’s common for us to setup a live stream for an event like an AGM or internal meeting. Live streaming of corporate video production is proving to the the most economical option for our clients. Not only do they get quality video but they get to connect with people simultaneously. This gives them extra reach for their money.

Green Screen Video Productions

We also offer green screen options in our studio. This is appropriate for clients who want to achieve the “talking head” video footage which is so important in explainer videos. Green screens allow to create extremely slick videos by changing the background of the video behind the presenter. We can add graphics, animation and text as requested by our client.

Gimbals and their place in Corporate Video Production

People who are not familiar with video production not have heard of the trusty Gimbal. This device has the primary function of allowing the videographer to move their camera around and maintain a steady picture. Static shots are good for some videos but people are generally more interested in video that is dynamic and engaging. A gimbal will allow the user to lock on to a subject and move the camera around, sometimes wildly, whilst maintaining the focus on the subject. These are incredibly handy devices and can increase the potency of your corporate video production dramatically.

External Video Recorders

An external video recorder allows the video content to be recorded directly to a faster and bigger hard drive that is separate to the camera. For most 4k DSLR cameras this allows the user to unlock all the amazing potential of these digital cameras. They provide the user with an enlarged screen so they can better video the material that is being recorded. This helps with focus quite a lot. An external video recorder will also allow a 4k DSLR, like the Sony Alpha cameras, to record for longer than 30 minutes. It goes without saying that this is a game changer when it comes to creating high-end video production.
These are some of the tools that we use at Crash Symphony Productions. These tools help us create superlative video content for our clientele.


Here’s a testimonial from Carly Neher Post Coordinator on The Bridge Season 2 (Warner Bros Television): 

“Crash Symphony Productions was beyond excellent to work with!  Being in LA, scheduling in Australia had its challenges, but everyone at the studio made a tremendous effort to get back to me as soon as possible. At times, due to actor schedules, ADR can be tricky, but much-needed at the last minute. Crash Symphony worked with the actor’s tight schedule, to make sure all of our studio’s needs were met!”

And Ashley Contino Associate Producer on 24: Live Another Day (Twentieth Century Fox Television): 

“Everyone at Crash Symphony [is] fantastic!  They are very knowledgeable and professional and their work is excellent.
Thank you for accommodating me halfway around the world on such short notice and thank you for providing such quality service. I know who I’m calling the next time I have a project in Sydney.”

Please visit for more information about the kinds of services we offer. Whether your needs are audio or visual or both we’re sure to be able to realise your vision.