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What Is Green Screen Video?

There are many types of special effects used in videos nowadays. The most intriguing effect is where a video is overlaid on an entirely different background. The original video could be recorded in a studio and a fascinating background could be added later. Adding special effects with a green screen becomes rather easy. Moreover, the possibilities of adding a different background using a green screen are endless. The concept of a green screen may seem complex, but in actuality, it is a simple solution, yet provides exceptional results. Let’s look at what a green screen video is:
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The Process of Keying

The key component of the process of keying process is software. The software can be used to single out a particular colour. The green screen is the colour that is singled out. The software is then used to single out the colour. Once the screen colour is singled out, it is made transparent. The software is responsible for making the singled out colour transparent. Once the colour is made transparent, a background video or image can be added to the video.
Keying is not only used for green screen video. The same software can also be used to single out and create a particular brightness range. This process is known as luminance keying and commonly referred to as lumakeying. However, the core purpose of this process is not to make a particular area transparent and introduce another image or video. This process is normally used to change the colour formatting.

Is It Important To Use The Colour Green?

The process of making a green screen video does not necessarily require a green coloured screen. A common misconception is that this is the only colour which can be singled out. The name green screen was given to this process due to the fact that green is the colour which is commonly used. However, the software responsible for singling out the colour and making it transparent can perform the same task with any colour.
In fact, green is not the only colour used. Making a green screen video, the colour selection of the screen is up to the individual performing the task. Any colour which can be distinguished properly can be used for the task. Green screens are used in many other colours. The common colours used in making green screen videos include yellow, blue and even red. Of course, green screens are also green in colour.
Green Screen colour spectrum

Is Setting Up A Green Screen Expensive?

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding green screens is they are expensive. In actuality, a green screen is the cheapest way to add a unique touch to your video. The entire video can be filmed in front of a screen and a catchy background can be added later using software. The best part is you do not have to spend too much on making a green screen. Not only are the materials cost-effective, the developing process is convenient. You can even make a great green screen video at home and you won’t have to spend too much.
Even though green screens are perceived to be a complex technology, it is in fact simple and cost-effective.
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