Music Producer Pairing

Music Producer Pairing

Pairing the right music producer with an artist is a big part of what we do at Crash Symphony Productions. We know that not every artist is the same. Not every music producer is the same, either. Match the right producer to the artist is critical to get the best result for the artist. In the end, that’s the ultimate goal. We want to make sure that the artists that come to our studio leave happy with how their music producer has help bring their art to fruition.

Music Producer types

There are many kinds of music producers with different personalities and different weaknesses and strengths. Some are excellent at electronic music whilst others are more old-school and are better and working with real instruments. Some music producers are extremely creative and are happy to “fill-in-the-gaps” where the artist can’t complete the idea. Others are better at being guided, completely, by what the artist wants and is directing. There are Music producers with soft personalities who can deal well with those hot tempered artists and then there are others who are more strong minded and are prepared to light a fire in the artist when it is needed. Everyone is different and pairing the right people is so important when it comes to artist creation.

Music Producer Consultation

Often, on your initial consult with Crash Symphony Production, we will be speaking with you to get an idea of who you would best pair up with in the studio. We will ask you questions about what you want from your recording and who your favourite artists are in the music industry. From our consultation we hope to get an idea of the kind of personality you would like to work with in the recording studio.

Feel welcome to pop us an email at Crash Symphony Productions so we can find the right Music Producer for your project.