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Audio & Video Production

Looking for the ultimate recording quality for  your vocal? Contact us today!

YouTube Ready

Our “YouTube Ready” service has become incredibly popular. We offer simultaneous high-end music and video production for a fraction of the cost of a high-end music video. When you need to get your song onto the internet quickly, and to a high standard, then call us and we can arrange it for you. Take a look at one of our YouTube Ready productions below. It features the wonderful Deni Hines and Alex Gibson.

The Greatest Recording


Great recording environment and fantastic service. The end result has exceeded my expectations!

- Mike Burnett

Did you know…?

Did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the internet. That’s pretty amazing considering it is made entirely of videos. It says that one of the biggest ways to get heard in the world today is through video production. Regardless of what your message is, video is a powerful tool. As we know, the quality of what we see on YouTube varies greatly. There are home movies made entirely from smart phones, and there are Hollywood productions, all viewable online. The question is: How clearly do you want to get heard? Our Sydney recording studio has made the unique move to integrate video production into our facility because the demand from our audio clients was so great. Today, most of our clients required video to be made in conjunction with their quality audio. We come from the strength of audio recording. We are specialists in high-definiton audio. Our audio stands out. However, it is important that this high quality audio is wedded with high quality video production, too. To ensure that your audio gets heard you will need to consider creating the right video so you can have a strong and clear presence on YouTube. This is why we have created a service that prepares our clients for after the end of the audio production. We make sure that our clients are YouTube Ready.

How can we Help you prepare for YouTube?

There are a few ways that we can help you prepare for your YouTube presence. Let’s take a look at them now. Firstly, it is important to remember that not everyone is great with computers. We are! We are here to help people who struggle with modern day computing, but still realise the importance and power of online. We can HELP by taking care of the process and video management of your YouTube presence. This means that you don’t need to worry about learning the backend of YouTube if you don’t want to. Secondly, we can take care of the filming. Some people only need the most basic YouTube video. This can be literally as simple as having a still photo as their video with the music that they recorded in the studio as the audio to their video production. This still needs preparation to be uploaded to YouTube. Alternatively, your video production can involve the capturing of footage throughout the recording process in the studio. This is a very popular option for Crash Symphony video production.

Expert Sound Engineers

Working with us means working with the best sound engineers in Sydney

The art of being an excellent sound engineer is not as prominent now that video has become the focus of our world. However, a top quality sound engineer can augment the quality of a production dramatically. When we record a vocal for music or a voice over for an ad we have the ability to enhance every aspect of that recording. The modern tools available to the twenty-first century sound engineer are truly remarkable. Staying on top of the rapid progress is very much a full time job. Let's take a quick look at what work is involved in producing an excellent vocal recording for a typical voice over job.

Our sound engineer will setup the session prior to the talent arriving. In the most extreme cases, often film ADR sessions, the project and microphones will need to be prepared first. Our clients, from film productions companies, are often located in another country like the USA, the UK, or somewhere in Europe. They will send the sound engineer the program material. This will be the video files with SMPTE timecode, the cue sheet, and all specifications required by our sound engineer to capture a similar sound to what was recorded on set. 

Once these program elements are received our sound engineer in Sydney will go into Pro Tools and mark out all the cue points on the timeline of the film. Each entry point will have ADR beeps that will help the talent execute their lines in Synch with the film. In ADR the talent's job will be to lip synch in time with their delivery on set. By setting up the project prior to the talent arriving our sound engineer ensures that the session flows smoothly for the talent. 

Often these "remote sessions" (where the directors and producers are overseas) are facilitated by software that helps us communicate with the overseas studios. Programs like Zoom and Source-Connect allow sound engineers in both locations to be actively involved in the session. The sound engineer overseas can literally press the recording button in one country and our software will obey the command here in Sydney. The directors and producers can watch the video content on their screen whilst listening to the audio being recorded by our sound engineers in Sydney. It's real-time. It's the modern way. It's remarkable!

In this example, an ADR recording session, the sound engineer would also need to setup two microphones. One would be a lapel mic, similar to what might have been used on set, and the other a shotgun microphone. These two microphones are setup by our sound engineer in Sydney in front of a screen. This is to allow the talent to clearly view the film as they are performing. An iPad is also positioned in close proximity to the microphones. This will have all the cue points and lines that the talent will be reading during the ADR recording session. 

During the session the sound engineer will be facilitating the smooth capture of cue lines. They make sure that all the takes of each line are saved for future recall and re-listening, and can even cut recorded takes together to create a composite "best take". 

Once the ADR session is complete the post-production work on the re-recorded lines begins. The amount of work that goes into the audio post-production is beyond the scope of this example. However, we can give a few examples of the kind of technology our sound engineer might decide to use on the recorded cue lines. There is software to reduce lip and mouth noises. Harsh sibilant frequency can be curtailed. The synch of the spoken lines can be further tightened by intelligent algorithms that look at the original "on set" spoken audio and literally stretch, cut, and compress lines recorded in our Sydney recording studio and make them even tighter. The list of tasks, options, and enhancements that our sound engineer can apply to a voice recording is enormous. 


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James Englund


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