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Boutique and modern. We are proud of our work and all the musical power that it has to offer you. We have recorded with artists from all over the world. Give us a call! Crash Symphony’s recording studio has a gigantic range of vintage and modern high-end recording studio equipment. Our professional engineers know how to get the best sound out of the Recording studio gear. We are committed to providing excellent technical knowledge with simply great service. We have many legendary microphones like, for example, the U47.  We also have modern-sounding microphones like the Neumann M149, and many more. These microphones have the ability to capture any musical or vocal performance with a level of depth, warmth and clarity that is truly unsurpassed. Our microphones are often just the first link in a versatile chain of highly sought-after pre amplifiers and compressors, including trusted names like Neve, Universal Audio, Avalon, API, Chandler, and many more. When it comes to selecting the best recording studios Sydney has to offer, Crash Symphony is right on top in the ranking amongst other recording studios Sydney has to offer. Is your project requiring that Hollywood voice-over? Or is it a music project where your lead vocal needs to sound amazing?

Best Recording Studios Sydney Has to Offer

Are you looking for the ultimate recording quality for your vocal? Contact us! Our Recording Studios in Sydney is famously known as the legendary Crash Symphony Productions. Our vocal recording booth is central to how we capture our revered sound. The vocal recording booth is comfortable and air-conditioned. The acoustics inside have been deadened and isolated from the noisy outside world. No interference can enter the recording studio vocal booth from other sections of the studio. The absence of acoustic reflection (any kind of echo) and noise interference will ensure that the sound recorded in the booth will be clean, uninterrupted, and as pure as possible. This makes vocal processing and sweetening much easier. It ultimately leads to a higher-quality finished product. The vocal recording booth has other features like a built-in computer screen for remote recording (Skype etc), reading lyrics, or synching to video. Your engineer can provide you with on-screen information you need while recording in the booth. We also understand the importance of accommodating different kinds of vocals. Not everyone sounds the same! Not every final product should sound the same! For this reason we have a wide selection of different microphones for all kinds of vocal recording purposes. Some are excellent microphones for singing.
Other microphones are the right choice for voice-over and dialogue. Some microphones work well on female vocals. Other microphones are more suited to male vocals. It is the job of our expert engineers to make the right choice in pairing up a microphone with your voice. Every step in the recording process is critical in attaining world class vocal. Does your project require the recording of a real drum kit?

What Our Customers Are Saying


Crash Symphony Productions was beyond excellent to work with!  Being in LA, scheduling in Australia had its challenges, but everyone at the studio made a tremendous effort to get back to me as soon as possible. At times, due to actor schedules, ADR can be tricky, but much-needed at the last minute. Crash Symphony worked with the actor’s tight schedule, to make sure all of our studio’s needs were met!



“Crash Symphony Productions run an extremely professional and reliable service. I’ve been using CSP for the past three years and they’re always ready to go the extra mile for us.

Their prices are great, the service is great and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CSP for any sound production/ recording needs. It’s a real pleasure to know these guys and to work with them.”



“I think James is one of the most creative, clever and generous people I have met. He is helpful, listens and allowed us to share some of his unique and wonderful compilations with a joy video that we released. I recommend him unreservedly – he is GREAT value!”


Mark Wilkinson

"An amazing studio with the highest quality of recording gear! James is a incredible producer and engineer. He is one of the most talented musicians I have ever worked with, both technically and creatively. He has the skill and versatility to conjure real magic in the studio! Thanks James”

Mark Wilkinson – GOOGLE REVIEWS

Jorja Buckingham

I am SO pleased I went with this company for my vocal recording. Stewart was very fast in responding to me, and locking in a date. He was happy to work in with me and was so understanding when I had to postpone due to throat sickness. My session was an absolute blast. He was so encouraging and the set up is unbelievably awesome! Highlyprofessional, great recording, and great to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for voice recording and any work! They will now be my personal recorders

Jorja Buckingham – GOOGLE REVIEW

Imogen Clark

“Absolutely loved working with James at Crash Symphony. The whole team were very accommodating, kind, friendly, productive, and so easy to work with, and the studio itself is awesome. Highly recommend these guys! :)”


Anthony Warren

I needed some high quality voice-over recordings done quickly using a north shore based speaker. I found this Sydney recording studio on-line from my home in central PA, USA. Fantastic, fast service, met and exceeded all expectations. The staff were very responsive regarding our needs and the intricacies of paying from a US company account! Cannot speak highly enough of the folks at Crash Symphony.”

Anthony Warren – GOOGLE REVIEWS


“On brief, timely and great to work with, Crash Symphony Productions have everything you want in a creative partner.”


About Our Mixing Room

We have gone to extremes to make our mixing room optimal and as such we are placed at the top amongst the best recording studios Sydney has to offer. Our mixing room is acoustically isolated from outside interference. Equipment that is noisy (fans, loud processors, etc) have been relocated outside of the mixing control room to ensure a silent environment. Audio cabling is piped through the walls into the mixing control room. An extremely quiet space with a very low noise floor. You can be certain that only music is heard. This architecture allows engineers to mix with incredible detail and precision. Nothing will be missed – no stone unturned in getting you a great outcome. Crash Symphony Production is by far the best recording studios Sydney has to offer any talented artist.

Some of Our Clients

Working With Drums

Do you know exactly what you want in a drum recording? We are here to help. Our recording studios in Sydney is ideal for recording acoustic drums. Over the years we have discovered the best gear and techniques for capturing live drums in our recording studio! We have numerous channels of the revered API 3124+ preamps. These are perfect for drums. These preamps make the drums sound huge, while maintaining pristine quality and definition. API preamps are the best in the world for recording transient material like drums. We have accumulated a large number of microphones that are great for drums. These include modern condenser microphones, old vintage microphones, and even ribbon microphones for that old school sound. On request, we can also include drum triggering. “Drum triggering” is where electrical triggers are placed
on the drum skins and will activate a drum sample when the skin is hit. This is ideal for drum replacement. For example, you may want to try different components on your kit like a new snare, kick or tom after the drums have been recorded. Alternatively, we can trigger the replacement samples with our software. Programs like Drummagog and Trigger allow our recording studio engineers to integrate samples into the drum recording after the kit has been recorded. We keep loads of drums and percussion at the recording studio for our clients to use when they need it. This includes various snares, toms, kicks, cymbals, congas, bongos, shakers, tambourines, wind chimes and much, much more. You’ll need all this recorded material to be mixed? Learn about our recording studio music mixing by clicking here.

Analogue Outboard Equipment

High Tech Recording Studio in Sydney

Need that expensive analogue sound on your recordings? Pop us an email. There is no question that analogue outboard equipment makes a big difference to the sound of music made in the studio. “Outboard” refers to an audio unit that is separate from the recording system. These processors are standalone units. The audio signal passed through these processors is an electric signal. The electrical components inside these analogue devices gives character to the recordings. Just like our microphones, our analogue outboard equipment can be modern or vintage. Both types have a different impact on the audio that is being processed through them. In our Sydney recording studio, we have compressors like the warm vintage-sounding LA2A, and we also have modern compressors like the Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor. Often when we are mixing music in the studio we have the option of processing the signal inside the computer (“in-the-box”), or running the signal out of the computer and into one (or many) of these analogue outboard audio processing units. The processed result is then recorded back into the computer. Both options (hardware vs software) have different pros and cons. Often mixes will have a combination of both operations. The best of both worlds are combined to give the best possible mix. At Crash Symphony, we strive for the best and this has brought most of the world’s house hold name in music to rank us as their preferred recording studios Sydney has ever produced.




Film Equipment

  • 1 x Professional Green Screen
  • 4 x Light Pro 220A lights
  • 1 x Mini Light Pro Spot
  • 1 x Nikon 5100DSLR
  • 1 x Sony EXMOR Steady Shot

Outboard Hardware

Monitoring Headphones

  • 6 x fully customised sound isolation Sony 7506
  • 2 x Extreme Iso headphones
  • 1 x Sennheiser HD28
  • Customised Orchestral Player Headphones

Instruments & Instrumental Equipment

  • 1 x Kawai Upright Piano
  • Roland RD700 Full Sized weighted 88 Key Electric Pin
  • Yanagasawa Professional Tenor, alto & Soprano Saxophones
  • Irish Whistle
  • Oud
  • Harpsichord
  • Fender Stratocaster
  • Fender Jaguar Bass
  • Fender Telecaster
  • Gibson 335 BB King Lucille Custom
  • Gibson JS200 Jumbo
  • Guilet Custom Steel String 6 String Acoustic Guitar
  • Maton Messiah 6 String Acoustic Guitar
  • Englund Handmade 6 and 12 String Acoustic Guitar
  • Resonator 6 String Acoustic
  • Fully Restored Banjo
  • 1 x Balalaika
  • Matchless 15 inch Lightning Amplifier
  • Fender Deluxe
  • Marshall Transistor Amp
  • Peavey Bass Amp
  • Pearl export Drum Kit
  • Congas
  • Bongos
  • All hand Percussion
  • Djembe
  • Roland Electric Drum Kit
  • Violin
  • Blues Harps
  • Harmonica
  • Double Braced Windchimes
  • Extensive array of guitar pedals and effects

Session Musicians Available

  • Vocalists
  • Drummers
  • Bass Players
  • Guitarists
  • String trios, quartets, quintets
  • Orchestral Ensemles
  • Full Orchestra
  • Choirs
  • Jazz soloists and ensembles

Computer & Software

  • Mac Pro 12 core 2.93GHz 64 gig ram
  • 3 UAD2 PCIe quad cards for plugin processing
  • Celemony – Melodyne Studio
  • Logic 8/9
  • Pro Tools
  • VSL Dimension Strings, Apassionata, Orchestra, Solo Strings, Chamber strings, Special edition Brass, Woodwind & Percussion
  • BFD
  • Logic X
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 10
  • Antares Autotune
  • Final Cut Pro 10 (Compressor & Motion)
  • Drumagog 5 (Drum Triggering Software)
  • Eiosis De-essing Software
  • Isotope RX – Noise Reduction, Metering & Mastering Tools
  • Apple Mainstage
  • Pluralise 3 – Camera Audio Video Synching Softare
  • Sibelius 7
  • Trigger – Drum Triggering Software
  • Komplete 10
  • Ethno World Sounds – Voices and Choirs
  • Omnisphere
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Universal Audio – Plugin Suite

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