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Voice Over & Vocal Recording

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Voice Over

All our high-profile corporate clients have been delighted with our voice over work. We record, edit and master your sound to ensure your voice over dialogue is presented at its very best. When communicating directly with your clients or employees, it’s essential to present crystal clear audio to relay the correct message. We can assist you in selecting a professional voice over artist to suit your project.

Great Atmosphere


It was a great experience recording at Crash Symphony , Adam was very helpful and reliable, I felt very comfortable because the atmosphere was good. Professional studio and people !

- Luca Mattellotti

Voice Over

Voice over work is often overlooked but it is the most sought after work that we do. Voice over is used everywhere. People often take it for granted. Think about how often you hear a recorded voice talking to you on a day-to-day basis: Movies, radio and TV ads, instructional media and much more. Voice over is literally used everywhere. Using the recorded voice is one of the most impacting ways to communicate. This is why we have a focus in this area of the recording industry. We understand all the scenarios that voice over is required and we understand that all these areas of voice over do not necessarily sound the same. They often require subtle differences that make all the difference to the listener and how well the message is communicated. Differences like: do we leave the breaths in? How much do we compress the voice? Does the voice need to be deep and authoritative, or, sweet and understanding? There are more technical aspects to recording the spoken voice. For example, the skill of knowing what microphone to pair up with what voice. The positioning of the microphone on a persons voice. There are literally so many nuisances to recording a good voice over that to truly make the voice over sound right is an art form. It takes team effort, also. We have engineers who know how to work with the client and the talent to achieve the right result, within budget, and in the necessary time frame.
Our voice over clientele extend all over the globe. Often companies from other countries will link up with us via our remote recording service to record voice over work for them. This is because they know and trust our work. Companies like Twentieth Century Fox, LA, and Warner Bros, to Virgin Money and the the large banks. We provide services to these clients at any time of the day and night, and at short notice. The area of recording voice over for the global community is a fast growing market and we are proud to be leading the way, utilising new technology to provide these services world wide.

Vocal for Music and other Media

Voice Over is a prominent component of the work that we do at Crash Symphony Productions, but a lot is also recording the voice for music. This may be a pop song, classical music or other areas where the voice is required. Music requires a whole different approach to recording the voice. The singing vocal has a different range of dynamic. The recording engineer needs to take into account the rest of the mix (what else is being combined with the voice), and the array of microphones that are used for singing can sometimes be different to what is required for voice over work.
We have done a lot of musical work at Crash Symphony Productions over the past 10 years. Small examples of each CSP producer/engineers work can be heard here.

Voice Over Example Audio files:

Voice Over Example – Nick Flynn:

Voice Over Example – ADF Royal Australian Navy Video Unit:

Voice Over Example – Pat Mesiti – Millionaire Mindset Club – Motivation and Mindset Expert and Speaker:

Expert Engineers

Working with us means working with the best.

James Englund

James Englund


Stewart Havill

Stewart Havill


Borbala (Bobo)

Borbala (Bobo)

Session singer and Admin

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