Remote Tracking

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Remote Tracking

If you’re a producer or artist is in another country and need us to track any instruments (e.g. violins, drums, a horn section a vocalist or choir ) with high quality equipment and players then we can arrange a Remote Tracking session for your project.

Comfortable Studio


Working at Crash is a joy. The comfort of the studio makes it easy to do your best playing and James is always well prepared so that things run smoothly. So much care and effort goes into his first rate productions. I’m always happy to be called in, it’s always top notch.

- Sally Maer

Remote Tracking

We can also mix your record remotely and you can sit-in on the session from any location and hear the work unfolding in real-time. Also, we are affiliated with vocal coaches in the USA who can coach a singer through a recording session via a video link. The coach can listen to the tracking as it unfolds and provide feedback to the student.
This technology is also great for producers who want to use performers located in Sydney but can’t make it to the location.
Even collaborative pan-continental songwriting is possible. This is the way of the future for recording studios worldwide.

Expert Engineers

Working with us means working with the best.

James Englund

James Englund


Stewart Havill

Stewart Havill


Borbala (Bobo)

Borbala (Bobo)

Session singer and Admin

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