Record Studio: Funding Part I

One of the biggest topics for musicians or anyone following their dream these days is “How do I fund my dream”. Recording studio time cost money, at the very least $1000 per song if you want great quality.  Obviously you could do it at home but the quality with never stack up against recording studios like Crash Symphony Productions with their state of the art equipment and world class sound engineers.
If you want it badly enough you will do anything to get your album recorded.  Here are some ways to get it funded.

1. Recording Studio: Get a high paying job

You could get a high paying job or any job.  This will bring you the cash flow you need to get the funds together to fund your dreams part time and get into the recording studios.  The issue with this is that unless you have an exit strategy or are one of those few people who get a record deal (and a good one at that because many record deals these days don’t pay much at all).  So with this option you are potentially stuck working at least 40 hours a week in order to fund your dream. Quite often being in a full time job means that you come home tired and drained and don’t have the creative energy to write music or pull of a good session in the recording studio.  I personally have a degree in I.T. and could go and make a good salary doing it.  But with young kids and other commitments, if I am working

2. Recording Studio: Play Gigs

Well at least if you play gigs you are playing music! but alot of paid gigs are long and you have to play covers.  This is obviously great for musicianship and is alot of fun but if all your time is spent playing other people’s songs then it takes away time and energy from your own creativity. I think this is a great option but again as long as you make it with your own music because otherwise you could be playing covers gives for the rest of your life.

Continued in Part II