Recording Studio Creativity

Back in 2009 when I was recording my first album “Connect” I had an interesting experience learning about creativity in the recording studio.  Since it was my first album, I cared alot, too much in fact.  I was very controlling about the whole process and it drove my producer and the other musicians crazy.  I couldn’t let go for a second and let anyone else have some creative input.  It had to be exactly how I had envisioned it.  I was the artist, and I was receiving inspiration about how it should be.  Everyone else had to fit in with that.
As a result, the songs didn’t come out how I wanted.  Some other very interesting occurences happened as well.

  • The songs that I didn’t care about, that we were spending the least time on and that weren’t going to be included on the album turned out the best.
  • When I went away for a few days my producer weaved magic on one track.  The reason he was able to do it was because I was not there.
  • I actually lost a friend in the process of controlling everything. Which was unfortunate since he had flown from England to Argentina on his own funds in order to be able to come and play on the album.

I learned some very important lessons about recording and creativity out of this.  Namely:

1. Let go and let it flow in the Recording Studio

Let go, let people contribute ideas, give the producer and other musicians some creative license. Recording is one thing but including what is recorded in the mix is another.  Let all of the ideas from everyone flow and you can narrow it down later in the recording process or during mixing.

2. Don’t take the Recording Studio so seriously.

Lighten up, there is no bigger killer of creativity than control and resistance and there is no bigger enhancer of creativity than enjoyment.  It is in those times when we are just in the zone, having fun and feeling good that the best ideas come.

3. When things get stale take a break from the Recording Studio

Get out of the process for a while and let your producer and your musicians do their job.  You will be amazed at what happens when you let go and let it flow.