Recording Studio: The best airlines for musicians

Being a recording studio musician and for me in particular being a sound healer it is really important to have a generous baggage allowance when flying.  To lug around a guitar, djembe, frame drums, gasong drums, flutes and more takes alot of space and weight.  With the airlines over the years becoming more and more stingy it is great to see some airlines offering concessions to musicians.

Recording Studio: Virgin Airlines loves Musicians!

I would like to be able to say that there is a long list of Airlines that make concessions for musicians.  But there is only one that I can find and that is the airline that I am flying with today and always fly with.  The one and only Virgin Airlines.  Richard Branson, bless him, obviously has a soft spot for recording studio musicians since he started Virgin Records way before Virgin Airlines.
What Virgin Australia offer is a baggage allowance of 32kg (across three pieces of checked baggage) for individual artists – with an additional 32kg able to be purchased in advance for just $15.
This baggage allowance is available on Virgin Australia-owned and operated domestic services only and must be booked or pre-purchased at least 48 hours prior to departure. This offer applies to new bookings only and can’t be requested on the day of flying or a refund given on excess baggage retrospectively.
This offer is open to APRA AMCOS members and clients, as well as musicians who are members of other Australian music bodies.
Once you’ve made your booking, email with your credit card details, baggage details and reservation number for the Virgin team to process.
I think this is really great that Virgin does this for recording studio musicians.  I don’t know what I would do without it.  It would mean possibly hundreds of dollars in excess baggage every trip.
Hopefully United Airlines have picked up their act after this a few years ago.