Recording Studio Lighting

An important element of the recording studio design is lighting and especially lighting effects. You can bring much atmosphere to a dark recording studio with carefully designed lighting.

Recording Studio: Lighting

There are various options that can be used to make the recording studio very attractive.  There are many options for lighting that can be combined to create a great ambience and atmoshpere in the studio. Spot lights and projectors are great for applications where strong lighting is required such as for shooting video or other situations where good visibility is required. Spotlights can be directed to a specific object or area for a specific purpose. Flexible diode lines in various colours, placed around the room, as well as hard colour diodes, placed on the ceiling or floor, are not only a light source, but can also contribute to the decoration, helping create a good atmosphere and mood, it is a well known fact that lighting control brings atmosphere to closed places.
LED lighting is a very good option for the general lighting of the recording studio space.  To add to the feeling different coloured LED’s are also an option.
If you are shooting green screen like we do with our corporate video production it is very important that the whole green screen area is uniformly lit and that shadows are minimized. I ensure that the captured footage can be worked with is an easy way without too post production editing to get the basic image right.
Another very important application of recording studio lighting is for voice over artists.  It is of paramount importance that the voice over artist can see what they are reading so as to improve the fluency of their delivery and minimize errors.  A reading light over the music stand is essential.
Here is a great video of how to shoot green screen and get the lighting right.

recording studio green screen