Recording Studio Payment

Recording Studio Payment

We often get asked to quote for all different kinds of projects in our Recording Studio. As you can imagine, the kinds of projects that come into a Recording Studio can vary in complexity and nature. It can be everything from a voiceover project for a TV commercial or a large music album. These are just two examples of the kinds of projects that can happen in a Recording Studio.

Simplifying Recording Studio payment

To simplify things, for us and the client, we offer a free consultation hour on initial enquiry in our Recording Studio. This not a chargeable hour. It is an opportunity for our engineers to meet the prospective client and discuss their project. To learn about what they hope to achieve and see if it is something that our Recording Studio is suit to taking on.

Recording Studio by the Hour

Most of the time is easier to charge by the hour, six-hours, or full day. This allow the client to govern how much time they want to spend on the project in the recording studio. We identify what they want to achieve in a specific time frame, express to the client whether it is realistic, and then look at booking in a session.

Recording Studio Consultation time

On occasion, we have had people abuse the free hour consultation offer. They either turn up looking for a job as an engineer or producer having booked in a project consultation time, or, they try and begin recording during the consultation period. Fortunately, these are rare.

Recording Studio Payment Policies

Our policies are that if a client wishes to book in a session they are required to pay 50% deposit of the session booking. This will secure their Recording Studio session booking and is non-refundable. To clarify, if the client books three hours in our Recording Studio then we require 1.5 hours of total cost to confirm the session. This is because a lot of people cancel sessions with little or no prior warning. This prevents us from booking other sessions and is equivalent to lost income. Furthermore, we charge categorically by the hour. That means that if a session goes into the following hour we are entitled to charge for that hour. We don’t charge by one minute intervals. We also require that clients pay the entire invoice before we release the product to them. It is the same when someone buys a can of Coke. You pay the money and the can is then yours to drink. You don’t drink a can of Coke and then tell the shop that you’ll be back in two weeks to pay off the drink.

Putting in place these policies helps to make relations with the client smoother and more transparent about the boundaries of business. They are not there to make us look cold-hearted or greedy.