Recording Studio Ready

How to Get Your Music ‘Recording Studio Ready’


A recording studio can be an expensive and intimidating place. Unless you have experience regarding how to record and produce high quality vocals, the end result isn’t exactly going to be impressive. This is what makes it imperative for musicians and audiophiles to prepare for the recording studio beforehand and get their music ‘recording studio ready’. But, how can you do so? Well, let’s take a look at a few tips and find out:

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse THEN Recording Studio

Recording music is a skill in itself with its own set of nuances and issues that differ completely from a live performance. In order to get the best results and ensure your music is recording studio ready, it is imperative you rehearse as if you are recording in a professional studio. Take the time out to go through the lyrics beforehand and record your music either on your phone or on a sound recorder.
This way, you will be aware of the mistakes you are making and can fix them immediately before going to the studio. So, work the song from the ground up and assess all needs to make your song more attractive and catchy. For instance, consider how you would like the basic beat the drummer would be playing and what would be perfect fills for the transitional points.

Assess Your Needs and Abilities in the Recording Studio

Some aspects of preparing for the recording studio include assessing your needs and abilities. Ask yourself a few basic questions, like how many songs do you want to record? How long can you realistically work in a few hours? Will your arrangements for the song require a lot of overdubs? Do you want to record each track in one go or separately? How much time will you require between each song?
Answering these questions will help rule out studios that aren’t equipped for your project and will ensure the end result is up to par and doesn’t require much changes or tweaks which could end up costing you more. Apart from assessing your needs, it is imperative for you to consider recording a few songs beforehand that you want to emulate in the studio.

Invite the Recording Studio Engineer to a Rehearsal

To ensure that everything goes with the flow in the recording studio and that your music doesn’t have to suffer with changes or tweaks, invite the engineer to your rehearsal. Remember, a good recording requires 3 elements: a good performance, a good engineer, and good equipment. So, by working with the engineer beforehand, you can point out certain factors that may negatively impact your performance.
The engineer will be able to understand the idea of your sound and what you are going for and will give you important tips regarding the perfect microphone that suits your voice and which parts of your songs you need to work on. This way, you will know how to properly arrange your songs without having to pay to figure it out in the studio.
So, now that you are familiar with the abovementioned tips, preparing for the recording studio won’t be a problem. Additionally, you will be able to get more value for your studio time. So, remember to practice and keep your personal preferences in mind to produce a successful album or track.