Recording Studio: Take Away Food

During long sessions in the recording studio where time is of the essence, take away food has always played a very important role.  When then musicians get hungry, rather than taking time to cook something or go out, the best option is normally to call for take away to be delivered to the recording studio.
These days you can pretty much get any type of food delivered to the recording studio and with internet and mobile shopping so prevalent these days it is easy than ever to order.
If it is Pizza, there is Dominos, Pizza Hut, Capers, Eagle Boys, Crust, there are so many the list is enless!  I remember when I was a boy some 30 years ago now. When we went out for Pizza it was a luxury because a Pizza cost $20.  I think Pizza is the only thing in Sydney that has gone down in price over the years rather than going up!

Recording Studio: Delivery Websites

It is just as easy these days to get Thai, Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Maccas, KFC, even desserts home delivered.  All in one ordering and delivery websites such as
Menu Log and Delivery Hero make it extremely easy.  On both of these sites all you do is put in the postcode of where your recording studio is and it lists all of the available delivery options in your area.
I put my home postcode into Delivery Hero and it came up with 32 Pizza options, 20 Asian, 19 Indian (that’s alot of curry!), 14 Italian, 13 Thai, 12 Chinese and more.  That is alot to choose from! you could virtually have a different style of meal delivered to the recording studio every night of the week!  Each restaurant has ratings that have been entered by prior customers giving you an idea of how good they are so that your decision is easier.
So next time you need to get a feed for your hungry musicians check these sites out!