Recording Studio: Taking Payments for CD Sales

As a Recording Studio musician and sound healer I sell quite a few CDs at my events.  IN the past I have been caught out many times without a float or change.  I let people pay me after the fact via bank transfer but that was cumbersome and involved multiple text messages and communication.
I started looking around at other Recording Studio options like Paypal, NAB and Commbank.  They had quite a high upfront fee to buy their machine and also took quite a high percentage.
One evening, I saw another Recording Studio musician with a tiny white square device hanging out of the headphone socket of his Iphone.  I said “What’s that?” He told me it was “Square” a way you could take payments on your phone with low fees and the device, the square cost $20.  I was immediately sold and signed up straight away.

Recording Studio: Square

Square, founded in 2009 by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, allows vendors to accept credit cards with the Square Register app for iOS and Android. The company also makes a Square Cash app for consumers on iOS and Android that allows for easy transfer of money between people, and is designed for occasions when cash or credit cards aren’t handy or wouldn’t be appropriate, say, splitting a bill at a restaurant.
For businesses, Square additionally makes a tiny physical card reader that plugs into the headphone jack of any smartphone (square-shaped, of course), a tablet-based terminal stand for vendors to use in place of other checkout systems, and a wireless checkout station that works with Apple Pay.
I see it as like Paypal but made even more simple and accessible.  I have used it a lot now and it works like an absolute charm.  I recommend Square to anyone is you would like to sign up and have an inexpensive and simple way to take payments click here.