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Voice Over

This is one of the Voice over microphones that is used to record an artist at Crash Symphony Productions.

We deliver the very best in voice over recording and ADR, for both corporate projects and film/documentary. If you’re looking for the perfect voice over to compliment your project, then give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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Why use Crash Symphony Productions for your Voice Over project?

Our business has its foundations in ADR, voice over and speech editing. It is a unique skill for both the artist and the engineer. To record a voice over well requires an understanding of the acoustics of voice, the differences between male and female, and what end result the project requires. To ensure that every project is brought to fruition within budget and at the superlative industry standard requires, not only do we have a huge array of high-end microphone options, but also a recording booth that has been designed for maximum comfort of the artist, and acoustic isolation. This ensures that the artist is going to perform at their best and that the signal that we record will be that absolute highest quality available anywhere in the world. At this recording studio, Crash Symphony Productions, we pride ourselves on being the industry’s best in the recording of voice over and ADR. We understand the differences between film, TV, radio, and music, and we know how to achieve the result that is designed for those specific audio arenas.

Our Role in Speech Editing

Speech editing is a huge area of the audio engineering world, but it flies largely under the radar. However, it is probably among the most important work that we do. We have edited the dialogue of some of the biggest speakers on the planet, making sure that the audio recording is highly coherent and fluent. This ensures that the ideas and messages needing to be communicated, will be done in the most optimal fashion. Editing speech is like editing words, but it requires surgical concentration, very good english skills and a highly invoice-depth understanding of the different sounds that the human voice makes, what they look like on a complex audio wave, and how they can be sliced and manipulated to achieve perfect speech from the voice over subject. It is a unique skill that takes a long to develop and understand, but is highly valued by the voice over and speaking community throughout the world.

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