Sydney Recording Studio – Finding Drag Zoom in Logic Pro X

Since I have been working at the Sydney recording studio Crash Symphony Productions I have been learning alot more about Logic Pro X and Protools HD. James Englund the owner of  Crash Symphony Productions makes sure his Sydney Recording Studio is equipped with the latest and best equipment and software and It is is amazing to be able to work every day with this awsome technology.  It just makes the job easier.
Lately I had been missing a feature that I used to use in my old Cubase home recording days.  I used to love the drag zoom function.  This is otherwise known as the “playhead zoom”.  The drag zoom feature can save alot of time in zooming tracks in and out making editing, mixing and mastering tracks at this sydney recording studio much more efficient.
OK, well this is how you do it in Logic Pro 10 X:

Sydney Recording Studio – How to Drag Zoom in Logic Pro X

Step 1) Click and hold down the left mouse button over the play head.  This is at the top on the ruler, a kind of upside down triangle that indicates at any given time where the track is playing.  The image below shows the playhead.

Step 2) hold down the “Option” key at the same time.
Step 3) Drag the mouse down the page to Zoom a track / project in. Drag the mouse up the page to zoom back out.
That’s it! I am happy now that I have found how to drag zoom in the Sydney Recording Studio that I work at.  I hope that you find this information valuable too.
Pro tools HD is another story.  I can’t find any way to drag zoom in Pro tools HD.  There must be a way, it is such a time saving feature that can make a huge difference in the time it takes to finish a project at the recording studio.