Sydney Recording Studio Rain

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the best place to be during this torrential Sydney rain is in the Sydney Recording Studio Crash Symphony Productions.  It is so warm and dry in there and even has completely silent air conditioning to warm it up when it is chilly outside.

Sydney Recording Studio: Lightning

For its view over the harbour and Sydney City skyline, you can’t go past our Sydney Recording Studio for it’s view of the lightning strikes over Sydney tower.  When an active electrical storm hits Sydney with it’s thousands of lightning strikes there is no better view than from our Sydney Recording Studio.  We always hope however that we don’t cop a direct hit on our electrical system or lose power interrupting an epic recording session!

Sydney Recording Studio: Flooding

We are on a hill so there is no chance of that! No flooding here at all ever.  And with parking right out the front, if it is raining you know you haven’t got far to go to get into our Sydney Recording Studio.  It beats trying to find a recording studio in a dark alleyway in an industrial area in the torrential rain and pitch darkness.  We are in a beautiful part of Sydney and we believe that whether is is raining or a crystalline sunny the beautiful location adds a great energy to the experience of recording.

Sydney Recording Studio: Sunshine

After the rain there is always sunshine.  That could be said about most things in life. But while I am on this topic, allow me to get a bit Philosophical.  As a musician we will always go though different times.  There will always be times of intense creativity, time to record and time to tour.  There will be frustrating times, amazing times, sad times and happy times.  And just like the weather, it always passes.  After the rain there is always sunshine, the night is darkest before the dawn.