Sydney Recording Studios: The power of self-created sound

Sydney Recording Studios Sound Healers like me Daniel Coates know first hand the power of sound and more specificall self-created sound.  When I run one of my sound healing workshops I invariably get high on the sound, I feel very happy, my mind is clear and I feel at peace with life.  When  I do many Sound Healing workshops in a row like I have been lately, that feeling of well-being becomes consistent.  I know first hand that self-created sound when used often is of huge physical, emotional and spiritual value.

Sydney Recording Studios: the Power of Sound

The Australian aboriginals, native north and south americans, the sufis, hindus, sikhs, buddhists, mongols, ancient europeans, the gypsies etc basically all the ancient traditions used/use sound in their daily life.  They know that a daily dose of sound keeps them happy and also know that it is the best thing to use for ceremony to make sure everyone is feeling good and is in good spirits.  Sydney Recording Studios and other studios around the world make it possible for use to have healing sounds at our fingertips.  There is millions of relaxation tracks that have been recorded over the years, many in Sydney Recording Studios.
Science is now catching up with the ancients and Sydney Recording Studios.  Science has now discovered benefits of sound and more specifically self-created sound:

  • Increased oxygen in the cells
  • Lowered blood pressure and heart rate
  • Increased levels of Melatonin
  • Reduced levels of stress-related hormones
  • Release of endorphins that work as “Natural Pain Relievers”
  • Release of oxytocin the “trust” hormone
  • Release of nitric oxide – “Healing” molecules

Prominent New York City Oncologist Mitchell Gaynor said “I have never found anything more powerful than music and sound for being able to create peace in somebody’s life”
Mitchell used sound and chanting as an integral part of his treatment protocols for all of his cancer patients.
Here is a video I did a while ago showing how to create your own self-created sound for well-being.