Video Production Sydney in the age of Youtube

These days anyone with a phone or camera can make a video and stick it on YouTube or Vimeo.  It has become so easy to do home-made or even a corporate video production.  I remember only 15 years ago I spent $2000 on a little camcorder that had mini DV tapes.  I thought it was the bees knees.  You tube didn’t exist but I could edit it on my computer and make a home video that I never watched.  What a great use of $2000! anyway back to the present.  Point and shoot with your phone, hit upload and lo-and-behold the whole world can see it.
Quality doesn’t really make too much of a difference if you are filming a child saying “Charlie bit my finger” or many of the many other weird and wonderful things that have gone viral for no apparent reason on Youtube.  But when it come to corporate video production, quality really does matter. Prospective clients and customers will be the ones that see the video so it is important that the quality is top knotch in every area including:

1. Video Production Sydney – Quality and Resolution

It is very important that the video production Sydney is of the highest picture quality and shot in the best HD resolution available.  At our video production sydney studio Crash Synphony Productions we use only the best and latest video equipment available.

2. Video Production Sydney – Sound Quality

Sound quality is equally as important as picture quality.  These days all cameras come with built in microphones.  A huge jump in quality can be obtained though with professional video production sydney professional audio equipment.  At our video production sydney studio we use only the best mics such as the Wagner U47 to give the highest quality audio for you video production Sydney.

3. Video Production Sydney – Platform

Youtube and Vimeo are great for amateur productions but if you wish to take it to the next level consider a professional video hosting platform such as Wistia.
If you are serious about getting a top quality corporate video production sydney studio to produce your video, contact us.