Voice Over Sydney Acting Part I – By Crash Symphony Production

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Voice over acting is the art of recording voice material for animated characters in screen or radio works. Some examples include feature films, dubbed foreign language films, animated short films, television programs, commercials, radio or audio dramas, comedy, video games, puppet shows, amusement rides, audiobooks and documentaries.
Performers are called voice actors or actresses, voice over artists or voice talent. Their roles may involve singing. Sometimes a second actor is cast as the character’s singing voice. Voice acting is recognised in Britain as a specialised dramatic profession. Historically, this is chiefly owing to the BBC’s long tradition of radio drama.
Artists are also being used to record the individual sample fragments played back by a computer in an automated announcement.
In an automated announcement, for example, there are audio fragments that are played back of voice over Sydney businesses require.

Voice Over Sydney: Character voices

Voice actors provide voices for animated characters.
For live action production, voice acting often involves reading the parts of computer programs, radio dispatchers, or other characters who never actually appear on screen.
With a radio drama or CD drama there is more freedom given in voice acting because there is no need to match a dub to the original actors, or to match an animated character.


In the context of voice acting, narration is the use of spoken commentary to convey a story to an audience. A narrator is a personal character or a non-personal voice that the creator of the story develops to deliver information to the audience, particularly about the plot. The voice actor is responsible for performing the scripted lines assigned of the narrator.
In traditional literary narratives (such as novels, short stories, and memoirs), narration is a required story element; in other types of (chiefly non-literary) narratives, such as plays, television shows, video games, and films, narration is merely optional.

Recording the Best Voice Over that Sydney businesses need!

Crash Symphony Productions are uniquely positioned to deliver the best voice over that Sydney business are asking for. Geographically, our location is superlative. We are a stones throw from Australia’s two biggest CBD’s: North Sydney AND Sydney City. This means that we get the call for voice over regularly and we have got our skills finely tuned due to all the work! A recording studio needs to set up correctly for high quality voice over work. We have a sound booth that is acoustically dead and isolated from the rest of the world. This allows us to record the kind of voice over Sydney business want! It’s clean, clear and coherent voice over that will sell the message.

Techniques used in Audio Required for better results!

Let’s take a look at some of the ways, therefore, that we can make the process more economical for our client. Firstly, we use iPads rather than pieces of paper when recording the spoken word. Why? The dreaded page turn! When all you’re listening to is a voice you will notice everything. Unwanted noise is what we don’t want on our audio recordings. That’s not good for business. By using an iPad we are completely removing the need to turn pages during the recording session.
Furthermore, you’ll find that using pop filters help the audio quality, too. These nifty little windshields prevent bursts of air from exploding onto the microphone. Words that have P’s or B’s often shoot large amounts of air at the microphone. The pop filter breaks up this ‘plosive’ before it causes an audio problem. This reduces the time needed for audio editing, and thus, brings down the cost for our client. Working with us is more cost efficient!

Microphone and Signal Path Quality

The studio microphone is at the front end of our business. These mysterious devices deliver the voice over Sydney businesses are looking for in their recordings. We use microphones that deliver extremely detailed and transparent audio. For example, our Sennheiser M416 shotgun microphone is a frequent choice for our voice over recordings. It is super-cardioid is polar patter, and as a result, the vocalist must remain set in the position that initially choose. A noticeable drop in volume will result from any shift in head angle during the recording.
The microphone preamp also imparts it’s own quality on the signal. Our Microphone preamps are the most high resolution audiophile grade preamps available in the world. Lastly, the audio conversion makes an enormous difference to how good the audio sounds on a recording. This device converts an electrical signal into binary that the computer can comprehend and process.