Voice Over Sydney: Background Music

Voice Over Sydney Music can set the tone for the viewer before the voice over sydney even says a word. While some radio ads work well with just a voice over sydney, music in the background can make them way more compelling. Have you ever listened to an audiobook and thought you might go nuts if you heard the narrator’s voice one more time without some kind of break or change of pace? Heck, music can even assuage the grumpy caller listening to an on-hold message for the umpteenth time while trying desperately to reach an actual person.

Voice Over Sydney: But where do you get the music?

For Voice Over Sydney backing tracks Stock music is a good option. Royalty free stock music works similarly to how stock photos do. You purchase a license that includes being able to use it in any way you want, including in a product you sell, an unlimited number of times. Alternatively, with certain music you do not need to purchase such a license because the artist has released it into the public domain or under a creative commons license that allows you to use the music freely, or with some minor limitations, such as crediting the artist.

Here’s a list of recommendations for stock music:

Voice Over Sydney: Paid Stock Music Sites

  1. Pond5

    Pond 5 has the best search capabilities, generally the best or at least great quality, and a big selection of excellent full length songs, :30 and :60 music beds, stings, audio logos, sweepers, and all kinds of sound effects. You can find music and sound effects for as cheap as $2 – $5, on up. For 30-second music clips I can usually find something I like in the $10 – $30 range. The search feature is really good and you can even search by vague terms such as the “feeling” the music evokes – happy, playful, sinister, mystery, futuristic, etc. – and come up with results that match what you’re looking for.

  2. Audio Jungle 

    As far as music goes, some of their tunes are better than Pond5, but also not as well categorized, and the selection is more limited. Having said that, there are some real gems on Audio Jungle that you can’t get anywhere else, and they are worth purchasing.

Voice Over Sydney: Free Stock Music Sites

  1. Free Music Archive

    A mix of mostly creative commons attribution licensed songs, which means you must credit the artist, and sometimes cannot use them songs for commercial purposes. But there are some real gems on here.

  2. FreePD

    Curated by musician and composer Kevin McLeod, and featuring several of his own songs, all of the music here is in the public domain – which means you can use it, remix it, modify it… or do pretty much anything you want with it, without asking anyone’s permission or giving credit to the artists behind it.

  3. Free Stock Music

    If you create a login, you can download free, royalty-free stock music (though in terms of the quality, “you get what you pay for” applies.) Their business model appears to be to upsell you to a membership at AudioBlocks, which is a membership site with higher quality royalty-free music.

  4. Pond5 Public Domain Collection

    Pond5 has recently released a collection of public domain stock media – including not just music and sound effects, but also videos, photos, and even 3D models. These are available for free download and you can access the collection here.