YouTube and Music Production

YouTube and Music Production – A Guide for Beginners

Hello, avid YouTube and Music Production lovers. Have you been considering getting your own sound out there? Are you a budding music producer?  Fancy a way to bring your music talents to the notice of friends, family and some industry people? YouTube and Music Production is an amalgamation of both the creative and the technical. A thorough understanding of the YouTube and Music Production tools and techniques will get you only so far. There’s more to it than just going through sound with a surgical mindset- which is why you are here and hungry to learn the secrets that are essential for advancing your YouTube and Music Production career.

YouTube and Music Production has revolutionized the way people consume music and media. So naturally, it makes sense to make your mark there first.  YouTube and Music Production go hand in hand, and it’s time to show you how to get your start:

Don’t Adopt The Gear Mentality, Adopt The Producer Mentality.

So, you’ve got all the sound gear and equipment in front of you? How’s that going to help anyone, if they don’t have the foggiest idea of how to use it? The best producers on the planet started out with what they had. Make the most of what you have. In fact, there are resources online that let you have royalty-free sound and music samples to incorporate in your YouTube and Music Production.

Too much Music Gear?! Sometimes the best gear can’t be seen by the eye!


Mix High Quality Sounds Only – If Possible!

This is the “crappy picture is a crappy picture” argument. It’s hard to make a shabbily recorded sound sit well in the mix. Get the sound recorded well from the beginning. Don’t adopt the fix-it-when-mixing mentality. If anything, mixing it will highlight the bad sounds even further. And, nobody has time for crappy-mixed sounds. Getting a good signal during recording matters. Strive for that first time around.

Only record Gold!!!!


Learn From Others.

The master was once a student himself… Or so the saying goes. This is true for every upcoming YouTube and Music Production guru. Morgan Page, electronic music producer par excellence, quit his day job and taught himself music this way. There are tutorials, FAQs and knowledge bases all throughout the World Wide Web, waiting for curious music producers like you to take advantage of them. YouTube and Music Production also have dedicated tutorials for the purpose. Even the pros have self-learning videos that you can watch and learn from. Some of them are great in helping you out with your queries.

Train Your Ears: Numb All The Other Senses.

Today’s YouTube and Music Production is easy, thanks to powerful and sophisticated softwares and mixing suites. Sometimes the razzle and dazzle of those waveforms on the computer screen detracts newcomers from focusing on the sound.
Train yourself to block all sights when recording music. For more information on YouTube and Music Production contact the experts, Crash Symphony Productions.