Corporate Video Production Series

Corporate Video Production Services We Offer

Crash Symphony Productions can provide you with all-around service–beginning to end–of concept development, the filming, right up to and including all the post-production. We will help you with building the image of your brand and in establishing rapport with your consumer.
Representation is important, we can help you convey your vision by building or enhancing your reputation.
Video communications are an effective and entertaining way of communicating these things to your consumer. We are specialists in grabbing your audience.
Make us your go-to team for high-quality video production, whether they be corporate or personal.

If you’re still sceptical, here are some testimonials from our clients that are sure to convince you that we’re the best choice around for all your corporate video production needs.



“James Englund is one of the best producers around. I have worked with James on a number of projects and am constantly impressed with his good taste and how he manages to get the best out of the musicians that he is working with. A true mark of a great producer. I have worked with more producers than most anyone and it’s such a joy to work with James. I feel like I’m back at Air Studios again where the standards are high and the work is important and easy.
James focuses on what’s important – to the music – for the audience. You never get the impression that he is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, (unlike some producers who overproduce because they don’t understand the essentials).
For a classy, great sounding production, I have no reservations in highly recommending James Englund.
He puts the same attention to detail into his studio and equipment. We did a big session at Studios 301 and the best microphones were those that James brought from his studio. What a lifesaver.”