Audio Recording Studio

How to Find a Good Audio Recording Studio in Sydney?

The music industry is an exciting and artistic industry. Every artist (or band) emerging who shows their talent has to acquire the services of a good audio recording studio. The audio recording studio you choose plays a significant role in creating a high quality and award-winning music project. Finding a reputable audio recording studio isn’t an easy task. To help you out, here are a few features to look for when choosing a good audio recording studio:

Control Room

To create the perfect sound and music, the audio recording studio you choose must have a functional and flexible control room. This must be able to handle a wide variety of projects. The control room should have the most current high-tech equipment, such as microphone pre-amps, high-end microphones and reverb processors, with a good digital audio workstation (DAW). In addition, the atmosphere should be comfortable and promote creativity. Adequate lighting and good sound-proofing make long recording sessions enjoyable.

Live Audio Recording Studio Room

When it comes to the live audio recording studio room, firstly, it should be large enough to create a full acoustic environment. A reputable audio recording studio will always feature several isolation booths. One should be large enough to contain a drum kit. The booths should have the best sound-proofing and acoustic environment for vocals, guitar amps, and speakers. The recording room should also accommodate facilities and equipment required for narration, music mastering, music mixing, voice-over, sound design, vocal recording, and location sound recording.

Multifaceted Production

One of the most expensive and time-consuming parts of a music project is when an artist or band has to travel around different locations to complete the essential production steps. So, before making your decision, make sure the audio recording studio houses different departments so that you can complete most (if not all) of the music project in one location. The departments are listed below:

  • Graphic Design Department – To create and design the cover for your album, and to add special effects or anything else required to make your album look more appealing.  
  • DVD or CD Authoring Department – For the quality design of your DVD or CD album, including menus, packaging, and on-body print. Other factors that come under authoring include encoding, pre-mastering, and quality control.
  • DVD or CD Duplication Department– If you plan on selling copies of your album, which of course you will, the audio recording studio must have a DVD or CD duplication department.
  • Promotion Department – Of course, for the success of your album, you will need to create hype and attract the attention of people. This is where the promotion department comes in. It helps in creating effective TV commercials, pod-casting, and post-production videos.

Now that you are familiar with the features mentioned above, choosing the perfect audio recording studio for your album or single won’t be a problem. You can also acquire the services of Crash Symphony Productions, which is one of the best audio recording studios in Sydney.