Audiobook: Position Doubtful by Kim Mahood

Crash Symphony Productions have adapted Kim Mahood’s memoir of country as an audiobook. Position Doubtful is a contemporary memoir and love letter to the country of inland Australia from one woman, Kim Mahood. Kim Mahood is an accomplished and award-winning Australian artist and writer, and these practices serve to inform the language of her memoir; as does her interest in cartography, exploration and geography. The memoir is pre-occupied with the annual trips Kim took from the Tanami Desert to the edge of the East Kimberly area of Western Australia during the 90s, 2000s, and 2010s. It tells of her relationship with the Indigenous Australians who live there (whose genuine voices are recorded in the dialogue of the memoir), and her experience collaborating with them on maps in order to safeguard their incredible and ancient knowledge of country.

Here’s a thought-provoking interview with Kim Mahood by Irma Gold.
The book is experimental in form and mostly conversational in tone though it alternates from a high academic register to observational memoir to free-verse poetic vignettes; the narrator is almost always addressing the reader and there is very little dialogue. However, breaks are taken from the narrative to diverge into the aforementioned poetic vignettes. They mark an abrupt shift in tone and don’t always come in at the end of a chapter, but sometimes cut through between two paragraphs that otherwise flow on from one another.

‘Mahood brings a formidable intelligence to her work as a writer and an artist, but also a sly humour here and an almost uncanny talent for observation … By charting these wanderings with such eloquence and scrupulous self-examination, she has created in Position Doubtful a true map of the heart.’  THE SATURDAY PAPER

Position Doubtful is published by Scribe.