The merits of using a professional recording studio

Back in 2009 when I recorded my first album I lived in rural Argentina.  How did I get there? well that is another very long story.  Professional recording studios were very thin on the ground where I lived, actually there was none.  I had met an incredible producer and musician, Chello Da Chance from New York City who was also lost in the Argentinian countryside (thank god!) All we needed now was a studio.

Making a home recording studio

We didn’t have many options so we decided that the only thing left to do was build one.  I had bought a house (for US$40,000! and a fairly decent one at that) so we decided to convert one of the rooms into a recording studio.
We built a vocal booth out of egg cartons and an old futon that we ripped apart and stuffed the stuffing in the egg carton holes.  It was a novelty (for a while) to be in there laying down a track with stuffing flying all over the place! Great memories.
Chello and I pooled what gear we had.  We had some not-so-powerful laptops running Cubase 2 point something.  Some low end AKG and Behringer Mics and a Tone Port UX2.  That was about it.  Chello always assured me it was “About the performance” but I knew deep down that equipment made a huge difference.
We had an absolute blast that year recording our albums in our makeshift studio, some of the best times of my life.  The finished product was ok, but I knew it could be a lot better and vowed that I would do my second album fully professionally.

Moving into a professional recording studio

Fast forward to 2015 and I am now working at the most professional recording studio in Sydney: Crash Symphony Productions. With the most high end equipment money can buy and two of the most professional and down-to-earth producers and engineers in the business, James Englund and Matt McGowen. I am loving every minute and what I like the most is that they have great equipment and experience that is second to none but the atmosphere is very relaxed and accommodating.
James Englund is one of Australia’s best Sound Engineers and is a great producer.  He has studied with some of the biggest names in the industry in the USA.  I have been blown away by the quality of the recordings he and Matt produce.  They are truly world class.
I am looking forward to recording my 2nd album there with a world-class sound like I dreamed about from my makeshift studio in 2009.