Corporate Video Production Sydney: James Cameron Part 1

Corporate Video Production Sydney: Born in the small Canadian town of Kapuskasing in Ontario on August 16, 1954, James Cameron was the first son he has a younger brother, Michael – of engineer father, Philip, and nurse-turned-housewife mother, Shirley. It was quickly apparent the youngster had inherited his mother’s passion for the arts, showing an early talent for drawing. A keen Spider-Man fan, he dreamed of becoming a comic-book artist when he grew up.

Corporate Video Production Sydney: James Cameron: Science Fiction

Fantasy was also one of the young film enthusiast’s fascinations. “In my youth, I was an absolutely rabid science fiction fan,” he reveals. “I was fascinated by other worlds, other environments.” When James was in his mid-teens, his father was transferred to Orange County, California, taking the ambitious youngster one step closer to Hollywood.
Upon graduating from high school in 1973, the A-grade student had to decide between pursuing a career in the arts or sciences. “I decided I was going to be a scientist,” he recalled. A two-year community college programme in physics and English, with a minor in engineering, ensued. Though he did well in his chosen field, James dreamed of finding more creative outlets and often borrowed his friend’s video camera.
While his father was keen to see James follow in his own footsteps as an engineer, the aspiring writer dropped out of college at 20 to pen screenplays. He went on to make home movies and held viewings for family and friends, but his life was still a long way from the Hollywood dream and while working on a sci-fi script he drove a truck to make ends meet.
Even legends like James Cameron had to do whatever it takes to keep his dream alive.  People want things handed to them on a silver platter these days in our “Instant Gratification” society.  Anyone who ever did anything big had a 10-20 year journey before they achieved their first big success.
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