Recording Studio: Funding Part V

These days there are many ways you can fund your time in the recording studio.  Today we look at a few more: Crowdrise and Pledgemusic.

Recording Studio Funding: Crowdrise

Crowdrise specializes more on dealing with real world issues than fueling profitable creativity. They fund for animal welfare, arts, cultures, diseases, education, and even religion. It even labels itself as a platform that help raises money for Charity.

However, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t raise money for personal causes! The fundraiser could still raise funds for their personal life activities like birthdays, weddings, recording studio time or even college projects. That being said, charity and personal fundraising section are clearly separated into Fundraiser and Nonprofit categories.

Special Features

CrowdRise Points: the more people donate to a certain fundraiser, the more CrowdRise Points the fundraiser will gain. Based on the points, Crowdrise members will then know which fundraiser or organization has made more impact to the world; it helps the organization raise their popularity and improve their reputation.


This is pretty complicated. Generally, there’s a flat 4.95% charge for the profit fundraising event, but there’s a blurry transaction fee involved in extra charges. For non-profit organizations, you could choose from a range of account types from free, to one with a $199 monthly fee.

Recording Studio Funding: Pledge Music

This one is a crowdfunding effort to bring in new talent into the music industry and help them with the expenses of using a recording studio. The career of a music artist is an expensive one that requires major funding and publicity. PledgeMusic is one such crowdfunding site. Music-related sites are usually philosophical, with a hardcore user interface, but PledgeMusic is clearly an exception. Its interface looks persuasive and intuitive at the same time, just like the Kickstarter and Indiegogo!

Special feature

Backers will definitely get a reward even if they bear the lowest pledge, which is usually that they are supporting a digital download of the artist-produced music album. And as usual, the more fund you pledge, the richer the rewards you reap.


PledgeMusic charges 15% out of the fund you raised. You probably have to weigh the worthiness between your project, the site popularity and the fee before you go all in. This could be quite a chunk out of your recording studio funding but this one has it’s advantages too.