Recording Studio: Sound Healing Part V

Daniel Coates who works a our recording studio is a Sound Healer and has put together this interesting information about the power of sound. This is Part V. You can find our more about Daniel and his Sound Healing work and music at

Recording Studio: Cancer Cells

Fabien Maman’s research has shown how sound can destroy cancer cells. Cancer cells were found to become unstable and disintegrate when they were played all the notes of the musical scale in a recording studio. “In contrast healthy cells absorbed and integrated the sound without resistance.”   (Fabien Maman – The Role of Music in the 21st Century – Book 1)

Recording Studio: Chant

Singing very simple chants has another effect. After a period of chanting the mind becomes relaxed and clearer. This effect is used in most spiritual traditions. In India this practice is called ‘kirtan’. This can also be done in a recording studio.

Over time music became more complex in Western society. The singer and musician have to stay more concentrated in their left brain function. Consequently we have lost much of the healing power of sound in our modern music.

When the mind repeats the same phrase over and over again, we relax and find ecstatic states of joy and inner peace. This is particularly the case when we sing or chant with great devotion.  This kind of music can also be recorded in a recording studio.

Recording Studio: Rhythm

Listening to Pacabel’s Cannon in a recording studio which has a rhythm of 64 beats per minute, (the rate of a resting heart beat), will change our brain wave pattern from Beta to Alpha.

Slower tempo music slows our breathing rate. The human heartbeat will tend to match the rhythm of music. Researchers at Louisiana State University found that listening to hard driving rock music increased the heart rates of young adults working out. Recording Studio Easy listening music allowed them to do longer training sessions and experience lower heart rates.

Music influences the limbic system of the brain through pitch and rhythm affecting our emotions, feelings and sensations. Listening to certain music in a recording studio calms the nervous system and improves metabolism.