Recording Studio and Home Limitations

The Limitations of a Home Recording Studio

A recording studio is a room equipped with instruments and recording apparatus. It is designed for the purpose of recording music, voiceovers, and other audio material. So, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of recording? Should you go for a professional or a simple home recording studio? Well, while home recording studios do have their benefits, they also have certain limitations. Sometimes these limits make it extremely difficult to produce quality soundtracks, music and voiceovers. To understand more, continue reading.

Understanding Home Recording Studios

As the name implies, a “home recording studio” is located in a domestic house. These types of recording studios can be classified into two smaller groups – pro and semi-pro. Of course, you can expect a simple studio with limited resources when it’s semi-pro. However, these studios are good enough for making experimental music and demos. Alternatively, the pro home recording studio has all the necessary equipment. Similar equipment to which you may find in a professional recording studio. These recording studios can produce quality music, voiceovers, and soundtracks.


When it comes to recording studios, there is a range of unique designs for specific types of recording projects. For example, a drama or speech studio will focus their design on the best acoustics achievable. A music recording studio will have the best sound proofing. These studio focus on reverb and frequency response of space. A radio studio will have a more focused sound environment for the vocals of the presenters.
So, what category does a home recording studio fall in to? Is it a speech studio? A music studio? A radio studio? How do you know if it has all the necessary equipment for your project? Unfortunately, you can never know the necessary factors until you jump in to you project. Let’s take a look at a few important factors for recording studios:


Did you know engineers use different studios for recording? So, how can you plan and create your entire project in one room when even professionals need to visit different studios to complete their project? In a home recording studio you may find just one room! in a professional studio you will find a control room, a live recording room and a production room. Therefore, if you choose a home recording studio, be prepared to be limited by space.


Even though pro home recording studios have all the necessary equipment, how can you be sure it is of the quality you desire? Better quality equipment leads to better sounding records. In home recording studios, you will usually find low-end high quality equipment. In professional recording studios, you will find the latest quality gear and expensive instruments.


The average rate per hour for a home recording studio is $60/hr. A professional recording studio is around $75/hr or more. This may appear to be a benefit. Though, is it better to give that extra money for an overall better sound recording for your project, rather than being limited in terms of equipment and space?
In conclusion, it is safe to say that, although home recording studios do have a slight price advantage, it is better to go for professional recording studios that guarantee top quality.