Recording Studio: Music and Dance in Argentina

Recording Studio: Music and Dance in Argentina is an integral part of traditional and contemporary life, which unites communities and functions as an important social tool for both national and regional identification. Argentines are passionate about life and this means they are passionate about recording studio music as well.

Recording Studio: Tango

The most obvious music and dance to come out of Argentina is undoubtedly, the Tango, and we’ll come to that later, but many of the different regions have their own musical styles which are serve as creative projections of the history and way of life in the area. Many are characterised by the local instruments they use, traditional dress and dance styles.
Music and dance can be a rewarding way of understanding a culture, so keep your eyes and ears peeled as you travel around Argentina for the different styles of traditional music and dance and be prepared to try your hand (or foot) at learning a few steps!

Recording Studio: Argentinian Popular Music

In bars and clubs throughout the country and especially in the key Argentine cities you will come across Popular Music, some of which will come from Spain and other parts of Latin America and a lot which comes from Britain and the United States. Rock and pop are especially common but recent years have also seen a big wave of electro dj’s spinning out dance tunes on their decks in all the big clubs, especially in Buenos Aires.

Recording Studio: Argentinian Rock

These influences can also be seen in the popular music that is produced in Argentina, for example, Argentine rock bands started emerging in the mid 1960’s influenced principally by British rock. As the style grew in popularity, Argentine bands began to mix in local sounds and latin rhythms in order to create an original sound, distinct to Argentine rock.