Recording Studio: The new music industry

Before the internet, the only ones who could make it as a professional recording studio musicians were the ones that got signed to labels and/or toured constantly.  The landscape was such that either you were a superstar and made millions or worked your ass off touring.

Recording Studio: the Online Musician Course

Those days are gone and thank god they are.  Currently I am doing an amazing training called the “Online Musician Course”.  The course is by Leah McHenry who….get this … is a stay at home mother of 5 children all under the age of 10. On top of that she homeschools them.  Despite this insanely busy lifestyle of homeschooling 5 kids Leah has managed to make multiple 6 figure incomes per year out of her music.  Who has an excuse now? I certainly don’t and if you are a musician reading this who wants to be successful, you don’t have an excuse either.
Leah dispels all of the common myths that plague musicians today such as #1 You need a label to succeed as a recording studio musician.  #2 You can’t make money as a recording studio musician.  Leah is living proof that even with 5 kids under 10 she did it!! #4 “All you need is good music”.  Yes you need good music but, what good is that if no one knows about it?  There is plenty of good music out there.

Leah explains 5 ways that you can make money from your music online.  These 5 ways didn’t exist, 10 years ago.  We truly live in the BEST TIME EVER to be a recording studio musician and Leah explains why giving you all of the information you need to be in the 2% of recording studio musicians that actually make it work. I very highly recommend that you take a look at Leah’s course the “Online Musician Course” Click here to take a look and get the course, you will never regret it.