Recording Studio and Webcasting

Crash Symphony Productions, a recording studio in Sydney,  was called to a video webcasting event for Staples. Staples is a huge office supply and technology company. We provided the audio component that was streamed over the web from their Sydney Headquarters in Mascot to other constituents of the company. Crash Symphony teamed up with StreamGate for the event. StreamGate were responsible for the video and streaming component and Crash Symphony provided the audio. This was the first time that Staples had streamed a webcast and the event was a great success.

Our Equipment

Our Recording Studio utilised three lapel microphones, and a single wireless handheld microphone. The lapel microphones were used on the presenters of the webcast event. For the last segment of the webcast, the wireless microphone functioned as “hand-around” mic to an ensemble of the executive team.
We did a test of all the audio equipment the day before heading out to Mascot to make sure that it was working properly. On the day of the webcast, our recording studio engineer, Stewart Havill, was the guy on the job. He worked closely with two knowledgable members of the Staples team, Caroline and Courtney. It was also fantastic to work with Dennis Fernandes, from StreamGate,  who was very capable in the area of video webcasting.

Our recording studio, Crash Symphony Productions, is very interested in the area of webcasting. It seems that this is a growing area for companies to connect internally with their own workers, and for artists to reach their audiences. Our recording studio is making positive movements towards installing the necessary equipment to provide video webcasting to our artists and clients.
Webcasting has two components: video and audio. Historically our recording studio has specialised in audio. More recently we have expanded into the area of very high end video capability, including green screen video. Soon we can provide webcasting services to our clients.
Stay tuned for developments in the area of video webcasting in our Sydney Recording Studio.