Recording Studio: Yoga makes you a better musician part 1

recording studio yogaAs a recording studio musician, sometimes I feel that the more work I do and the more I “push” the better offI will be.  The end result most of the time is….nothing! working hard without a plan and just doing doing and doing is just like a cat chasing it’s tail.  You don’t get anywhere.
The more I go along the road of being a professional singer / songwriter I am realising there is a much better way of doing things and that I need these 4 things.
1) Spiritual Practice
2) Education
3) A plan
4) Systems

Recording Studio: Spiritual Practice

For spiritual practice I mean anything that gets you back into balance.  We all know that feeling of being in front of the recording studio computer for too long or the stress of having an argument with someone.  When we are in those states we are usually not very productive.  Take tonight for example…I didn’t feel like doing anything, I didn’t feel like blogging, in fact I felt really flat and maybe even down.  So I decided to do Yoga for 45 mins.  After yoga I was full of ideas, full of hope and full of energy.  There has been times in the past when I would do yoga and lying on the Matt in Sivasana afterwards and entire song would download into my consciousness.  All from taking the time to breath and do yoga for 45 mins. So we can decide to push through in the recording studio when we feel like crap or we can take time out and do whatever is our yoga.  Walking in nature can be yoga, singing is definitely yoga.  Any form of exercise has a similar effect like running

Recording Studio: Education

Many musicians, me included, spend years doing the wrong activities. Activities that make no difference to their success.  Without the right education we again, are literally chasing our tails.
Lately I have been doing a course by stay at home mum of 5 kids Leah McHenry who makes multiple 6 figure incomes out of her music! Hers is the kind of education that can get you out of that negative cycle of doing the wrong things and onto the right things.  Here amazing course is here.