Recording Studios Sydney VO

Many people who look at our CSP recording studios sydney website will see that we have the abbreviation ‘VO’ everywhere. This simply stands for Voice Over and it is a big part of our business. Crash Symphony Productions Recording studios Sydney specialise in Voice over recording and there are many aspects to making the sound voice clear and intelligible. There is the tracking, speech editing, FX, dynamics that all must be implemented to make the voice sound like a superlatively professional voice that will sell a product or deliver an important message. Let’s look at some of these aspects.


CSP Recording Studios Sydney will track the vocal better than any other studio out there. We have a  booth that is engineered to make sure that the VO sounds uninterrupted by external noise. The booth deadens the ambient reverb around the speaker and makes it sound close and focussed on the recordings. Our microphones are the most high that money can buy so a company that uses our recording studios sydney can be assured that what is being converted into audio is being transduced by the best in the industry.

Speech Editing

People don’t realise the importance of speech editing. This is the process in our Recording Studios sydney where we go through all the errors and audio anomalies that are picked up during recording and we remove them. Anything from clicks, breaths, ums and ahs, to complete rearranging of sentences. It’s all part of what CSP recording studios Sydney does.

FX and dynamics

Often we are required to add a little artificial room ambience to the recording. This is done with revert plugins. Also, we use dynamic processors like compressors, EQ and limiting to bring the level of the VO under control. Once the voice over has been treated we exported it out of our software and deliver it to the client in their request format.

We hope this article has give you some indication of how CSP recording studios sydney works in the arena of voice over. Please contact us for further information.