Source Connect ADR Session

Source Connect ADR Session for AMS TV series TURN

Sydney Recording Studio, Crash Symphony Productions, recently conducted a Source Connect ADR (Additional Dialogue Replacement) session for the two final episodes of the AMS TV series Turn. On this occasion we were recording Daniel Henshall who plays the character of Caleb. It is common that we are asked to do this kind of ADR work for large american film companies because actors are often travelling in Australia for work. Our proximity to Australia’s largest CBD makes our Sydney Recording Studio the perfect location.

How Source Connect works for our Sydney Recording Studio

Historically our ADR sessions have been run using methods other than Source Connect but we recently decided to upgrade our practices. We purchased one of the more advanced versions of the program, Source Connect Pro, and set about learning how to use it. When we got the software to function properly it was well worth the effort.
For those of you who don’t understand how these remote ADR sessions are run let us explain. Source Connect allows us to send the audio being recorded in Sydney immediately over to LA, or anywhere in the world, as it is being recorded in Sydney. The computer in LA will be in Synch with our computer in Australia. They will see the film picture and hear the actor’s voice as it is being recorded to what is on screen. Furthermore, we are in perfect talkback synch with the actor in our sound booth as well as the studio overseas. It’s as if the technical crew from Warner Bros are sitting behind us in our own studio. It’s the best way to deliver high quality audio to a client overseas. This is especially true when they are working to a tight deadline.

Legendary Technical Support from Source-Elements

When we purchased the Source Connect Pro software we received one year of technical support, also. On top of that we purchased a further year of technical support. We can only speak great things about the technical support from the company, Source-Elements. Robert Marshall was absolutely fantastic in the support that he gave to us. He was extremely patient, available, quick-to-respond, technically knowledgable about the software and hardware setup, and spent a lot of time on the phone with us to make sure that our Warner Bros ADR session went smoothly. We cannot thank Robert enough for his efforts.
Robert was able to talk us through how to best patch up the hardware in our studio to accommodate the Source Connect software. He then remotely accessed our computer from Chicago and taught us how to use the software. He set up an ADR template in Pro Tools that we could use for future Source Connect ADR sessions.
When we eventually got on the line to LA we were light years ahead from where we started a few hours earlier. The film session was ready, all the cue points had been marked out, Source Connect was working perfectly, and the studio was ready for the actor to come in and focus on the performance. Thank you Source-Elements and a million thanks to Robert Marshall in Chicago.