In any Sydney Recording Studio, air conditioning is vital.  Any Sydney Recording Studio will swelter in the summer with temperatures up to 40C plus at time combined with the heat generated by the many audio units computers and other electronics that produce heat.  Especially in the vocal booth which in many Sydney Recording Studio set ups is a small insulated space, air conditioning is vital.

Sydney Recording Studio: Air Conditioning

Here are a few things to consider for Air conditioning in the Sydney Recording Studio:

    1. Number of units. You must have one unit for the control room and a separate unit for the sydney recording studio booth. I’ve found that when you use one unit for both you land up with a nice temperature in one room whilst the other room freezes. Never underestimate how much heat normal recording equipment produces. If you add up the wattage of all your gear and imagine a heater of the same wattage you will find that you have around a 2000 watt heater going in your control room all the time whereas in the studio the only heat is the occasional guitar amp and body heat. Consequently if the thermostat is in the control room when the control room is fine the studio freezes. I recommend two separate units.
    2. Type of unit. There are three types of air-conditioners available. They are:a ) The standard free standing unit that has all units in one.
      b ) The split system where the fan unit is in the room and the compressor unit is outside.
      c ) The fully external system where the fan and the compressor are external and the air is circulated via ducting. The main difference here is that only the fully external system can add fresh air.
    3. Noise Factor. Obviously having an air-conditioner grinding away in a studio is not much good if you are recording quiet instruments but if you’ve got a metal band in there who cares!! Lots of home studios have a split system (That’s when the compressor is external and the fan unit is in the room) There is no air exchange and if you are recording quiet instruments you just turn it off for a while. It is the cheapest system and, to be honest, the most common. Fresh air is achieved by leaving the doors open when isolation is not required.

Some guys in NYC decided to rap about air conditioning their studio.