Sydney Recording Studio Bookings and Enquiries

When people book into our Sydney Recording Studio it is understandable that they don’t know what is involved in their audio production. This is especially the case if they are new to a session in a Sydney Recording studio. The amount of time, and therefore money, directly corresponds to the kind of work that is going on in the Sydney Recording Studio. It may the first recording of an album, a podcast, a Voice over recording, or the composition of a film score. All these projects are very different from one another, and therefore, require different amounts of time and work in our Sydney Recording studio.

Sydney Recording Studio album

Albums are probably the biggest undertaking that can occur in our Sydney Recording studio. All music is different and all artists are different. The time required to record an album is very difficult to predict, and thus, quote for. There are many stages to recording an album. The stages are: preproduction, tracking, mixing, and mastering. All of these stages are huge undertaking within themselves. Depending on the artist, they can take various amounts of time to complete in our Sydney Recording studio.

Sydney Recording studio Podcasts

Podcasts are fairly straightforward productions. They are usually conversational in nature and require very little editing. Our Sydney Recording studio just needs to set up a good signal chain (mic, preamp, compressor, etc) and let the speaker jump into the vocal booth and chat about their chosen topic. We provide them with an mp3 or wav file of the recording. Sometimes things can become a little more complex when we need to integrate sound effects or intro/outro music, but other than that – they’re really simple! That means these types of productions don’t cost too much.

Sydney Recording Studio Voiceovers

Voiceover recordings come in all shapes and size and for all different purposes. At the most basic level they, too, are just conversational and require little editing. At the most complex level, they require surgical editing where the breaths need to be removed. These are highly complex and take a lot of time. Things are made more difficult when the speaker is not confident and makes a lot of mistakes. It is our job, as the voice editing entity, to correct these mistakes.

Sydney Recording studio composition

Composition, in our Sydney Recording studio, is the most difficult to quote for to a potential client. A persons’ artistic proclivities can be hard to predict. To come up with a truly original work from scratch is quite a task and we usually like to quote a flat fee for these kinds of projects. These removes the variable of time, to an extent, and allows for the composer to take their time and explore many potential ideas for the project.

We hope that this item has given you a brief overview of the different kinds of projects that can happen in our Sydney Recording Studio. Particularly, we hope that it is apparent why there is no one-size-fits-all method of quote for the projects that can take place in a Sydney Recording Studio.