Sydney Recording Studio: Facebook Live

Facebook live is an amazing new tool that can really help any Sydney Recording Studio or artists.  I first experienced the power of Facebook live when I was just playing around with it one day.  I had just bought some new crystal singing bowls for my Sound Healing events and went live with the title “Just trying out my new Singing bowls”.  All I did was play my bowls and chant a bit. Pretty soon I had over 4000 views and loads of comments and shares! All that just from mucking around and that was my first experience with it. Powerful stuff.
For Sydney Recording Studio promotion or for artists Facebook Live provides the ultimate platform to share absolutely anything with the world.  It could be sharing Sydney Recording Studio tips and tricks in real time, going live when an amazing vocalist is in the booth ripping out a killer take or just sharing some of the fun or challenging times in the Sydney Recording Studio while making an album,

Sydney Recording Studio: How to go live on Facebook

Going live on Facebook just couldn’t be easier.  The best way to do it at present is to use your mobile device.  If you are in your news feed, there is a new button that appears up the top left that says “Live”. Press that and you are on your way.  If you are in your profile or page, go to where you usually write a post and there will be a “Live” option.  Click on “Live” and your camera will activate.  Make sure the camera is facing the right way for you.  If it isn’t, change it accordingly.  Then fill in a description for your video and simply hit the little button down the bottom right that say “Go live”.  After a short count in you will be live and sharing whatever it is with the world!!