Sydney Recording Studio: How does sound heal?

Daniel Coates from our Sydney Recording Studio is a Sound Healer and here is explains how sound can heal.

Sydney Recording Studio: The History of Sound Healing

The use of Sound for healing can be traced back thousands of years. Every ancient culture had Sound as part of their daily lives. It was a way of connecting and staying in tune. It moved energy and moved them to oneness. Song and Dance were as necessary as eating and in some traditions like the Australian Aboriginal culture even Singing and Dancing in tune with the Earth and it’s “Songlines” was and is to this day very important.
Largely we have lost that connection. We may listen to the Radio, Spotify or Itunes but it is a passive experience. We listen, it is a surface experience. We as a culture rarely “Embody” sound like our ancient ancestors did. Now with the global sound healing movement, that connection is being restablished as people from the west are now being able to access an experience where they embody sound and feel it in their physical body.

Sydney Recording Studio: What is Sound Healing?

But what is Sound Healing? And What is a sound healer? Sometimes people shy away from the term “healer” because it can invoke scepticism and resistance. But even the most sceptical people who don’t believe in “healing” and other metaphysical phenomena may be able to accept the term “Healing” if they really know what it means.
The human body knows how to heal itself. So the human body is the healer. When you cut yourself, the body knows exactly what to do and heals it up. If you break a bone, the body knows what to do, it knits the bones back together and it heals it up. The human body and immune system will heal anything if there is nothing blocking that process. Usually what blocks the healing process is toxicity in the body, tension and stress and negativity.

Sydney Recording Studio: We are vibration!

We are vibration, If you look at us under a powerful enough microscope you see a mass of particles vibrating. Go down a few more level and all you have is Energy or Frequency. Sound also has a Frequency and when sound frequencies interact with our frequencies resonance occurs. When you have sound resonating with our energy body it causes a myriad of health benefits including calming of the mind, relaxation of the body, the alleviation of stress and worry, the unblocking of energy, physical releases, letting go and more.

Sydney Recording Studio: Restoring the bodies natural ability to heal

When the body is relaxed, the mind is calm and stress has left, the bodies natural healing mechanism kicks in. It does the healing, the sound just creates the “space” for that to happen.
In the Indian Vedic tradition dating back thousands of years, sound is of the element “Ether” which is lterally “Space”. I know after a good sound healing I always feel relaxed and my mind is clear. There is a space. Into that space can come anything. Healing, creative ideas, knowing what the next steps in life are, forgiveness, letting go of loved ones passed. The list is endless. Anything can happen when the body and mind are still and relaxed. It is that point of endless possibility. Sound Healing creates that space for the endless possibilities to enter. The more open we are to the sound, the wider the space is that opens and the more benefits we can receive.
Here is a video by Daniel Coates from our Sydney Recording Studio on how to use your own self created sound to feel good.

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