Sydney Recording Studio: Jingle Recording

Here at our Sydney Recording Studio we love working with people like you on advertising jingles.  A question you may want to take into consideration while planning to record your Jingle at our Sydney Recording Studio is: What makes an effective advertising jingle?

Sydney Recording Studio: Short and simple

An effective advertising jingle is not technically written, understandable only by the highly educated. Nor should a jingle be an ambiguous work of poetry. The more clear and concise, the better. Ideally, the “lyrics” to your jingle will be only a few words, and no more than a sentence. If your jingle can be recited and understood by a child, you’re on the right track.

Sydney Recording Studio: Catchy

Both the music and the words of your advertising jingle should be catchy. Catchy equals memorable. The more pleasant-sounding your catchy jingle, the more positively associated your brand. On the other hand, there are a number of jingles out there that are more obnoxious than pleasant. However, if the consumer is left with a memory of the brand, one could argue the obnoxious jingle is effective as well.

Sydney Recording Studio: Positive Emotional Appeal

Relating to the previous point, ideally your advertising jingle will invoke positive feelings regarding your brand. These feelings are dependent upon the nature of your brand, of course, but also upon the music and words of the jingle. So choose your instrumentation and words wisely.

Sydney Recording Studio: A Message that sums up your brand

Even though your advertising jingle will only utilize a few words that a child could recite, it should give you a general idea as to what your brand is about. Again, choose your words wisely. An exception to this suggestion may be with the use of a slogan line.

Sydney Recording Studio: Slogan Line

Many advertising jingles incorporate a slogan line. McDonalds’ I’m lovin’ it, Nike’s Just do it, and Subway’s Eat fresh are some examples of simple yet effective slogan lines. Often slogan lines are accompanied by music, essentially becoming the brand’s jingle. While the words of the above examples don’t directly relate to fast food or footwear, they invoke feelings and memories of those brands.
So, now you are aware, or reaffirmed, of the benefits of advertising with music. Still, you may not be comfortable composing your own jingle. Perhaps you don’t have the technology or musical prowess. Never fear, for ImageWorks, as of 2014, has merged with L&R Productions, a renowned video and audio production company that has produced some of the most effective advertising jingles of the past 30 years for businesses nationwide.

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