Sydney Recording Studio: Multi-band Compression Part 3

In sydney recording studio mixing and mastering there are virtually endless applications for multi-band compression.  In the previous two blogs I have talked about my experience with multi-band compression but in this blog I am going to look at some specific applications of multi-band compression for a variety of situations.

Sydney Recording Studio: Multiband Compression Example 1

The first one is a brilliant tutorial by top mixing engineer Tony Maserati who has worked with Beyonce, Jason Mraz, the Black Eyed Peas and more.  Tony talks about how we can use multi-band compression to control a vocal track without using and EQ.  This means we can tame, gain and control without losing frequencies across the mix and keep the body of the vocal while taming when necessary.  This is so helpful for mixing vocals in the sydney recording studio.  In this case Tony is using the Waves C4 multi-band compression plugin but the concepts are the same and can be applied to any plugin such as the UAD Precision multi-band compressor and others.  Check it out:

It is amazing the tools we have at our disposal for sydney recording studio mixing and mastering. In the past EQ would have been used to tame frequencies but then over the course of a track you may lose frequencies in places where you want them to be there.  Another way to do it would be to “ride” the automation and adjust the EQ as the track goes on but sydney recording studio multi-band compression takes care of that for you in a much simpler way that takes less time and ensures that we don’t lose any frequencies that we really want to keep.
Tony Maserati shows us how to do it with Vocals but the principles would be the same with many instruments and applications.  I work a lot with Didgeridoo and can see how this technique would work great for that when the player does the loud animal noises and harmonics multi-band compression would allow me to tame and enhance the different frequencies to control the sound of the didge in a beautiful way.

To be continued…