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Sydney Recording Studio and Video

Sydney Recording Studio, Crash Symphony Productions, has taken the step to combine superlative sounding audio recording with crystal clear video. Why? Because this is what our customers need today. Youtube has become the second-biggest search engine after Google. Video content is more prolific than ever before. Everyone has a smartphone, and musicians and artists are using video more than ever to create content that will reach their audience.

Sydney Recording Studio and Video?

So what does a Sydney Recording Studio have to do with video? Aren’t film and music different worlds? Well, yes, historically they have been. However, now that so many music artists are requiring video, we discovered that very few of them have been able to combine impressive video quality with awesome sounding audio. In our Sydney Recording Studio, we do exactly that!

In this video, we show how our Sydney Recording Studio has taken a green screen to integrate a black background. The audio was recorded using our Sydney Recording Studio equipment. The microphones were a pair of AKG414 large diaphragm condensers. We took a DI line signal from the acoustic guitar. We used a Nikon D5100 DSLR to capture the video footage. All the content was edited in Final Cut Pro X and the audio was recorded into Logic Pro X. Once the two were ready, the audio was synced with the video and the camera audio was discarded. Over the next few months, we will be posting a few videos like this to demonstrate the capability of our Sydney Recording Studio to combine great audio and video. This new service will help our customers cut through the noise that can build up on YouTube. There is lots of video, but the audio quality has lost its place.

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